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1525 Durer initials Font

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1525 Durer initialsPublisher: GLC Foundry
1525 Durer initials is a monograms and historical typeface published by GLC Foundry.

In 1525, Albrecht Dürer, the well recognized German great artist, was releasing the so called "Underweysung der Messung mit dem Zirckel und Richtscheyt", printed in Nuremberg. This handbook discuss with character figures how to drawn with compasses and ruler. A big part is devoted to the drawning of Roman characters, who can be used as ornamental initials.
We are providing here two total historic initial sets, and more: we have completely redrawned the done not have letters: J, U and W, Eth, Lslash, Thorn and Oslash in the two kinds, using the Dürer style.

The font style might be utilized with all our Humane and Garalde fonts, like "1543 Humane Jenson" or "1592 GLC Garamond" and other, from the GLC foundry catalog.

Font Family: 1525 Durer initials Regular

1525 Durer initials Font Preview
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