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161 Vergilius Font

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161 VergiliusPublisher: GLC
161 Vergilius was released by GLC. 161 Vergilius consists of 1 design. p > This typeface was motivated by the unusual manuscript Roman Quadrata used by an unidentified scribe to inscribe a copy of the Roman poet Virgil's GEORGICS, somehwere around 161 to 180 AD. Just a few sheets have made it through, now maintained by various libraries around the world.

In developing this font style, we have adjusted it for modern users, making distinctions in between U and V; I and J (which made no difference at all to ancient Latin scribes) and naturally adding the glyphs for Thorn, Oslash, Lslash, W, Y, along with the normal accented characters and punctuation, none of which existed at the time. Only capitals exist in the original; however we have offered alternates: so alternating each character A-Z/a-z will offer a pleasant look of manual script. We have included the Roman numerals "I V X L C D M" in the OTF/TTF variations functional as "Old Style Characters" alternates.

Font Family: 161 Vergilius

Tags: calligraphic, calligraphy, elegant, formal, handwriting, latin, manual, manuscript, ornamental, roman, script

161 Vergilius Font Preview

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