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1610 Cancellaresca Font

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1610 CancellarescaPublisher: GLC
1610 Cancellaresca was released by GLC. 1610 Cancellaresca contains 1 style. p > This font style was influenced by the "Cancellaresca moderna" type, which was calligraphed by Francesco Periccioli (released in 1610 in Siena, Italy). It was totally handwritten by the designer for each circumstance, utilizing quill pen and middle ages ink on a rough paper, with included characters as accented ones and a great deal of ligatures with respect for the original design.

This typeface consists of "long s" and also a lot of ligatures as "ff", "ffi" "fij" "pp" ...

It can be utilized for web-site titles, posters and flier designs, editing ancient texts or welcoming cards, or as an extremely ornamental and sophisticated font.

This font keeps its qualities and appeal over a large range of sizes.

Font Family: 1610 Cancellaresca Normal

Tags: 1600s, 1700s, antiqued, calligraphic, calligraphic_sinead, calligraphy, chancery, cursive, decorative, elegant, engraving, handwriting, humanist, manual, ornamental, renaissance, script, venetian

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