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Abelard Font

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AbelardDesigner: Barbara Bigosińska
Publisher: Indian Type Foundry
Developed by Barbara Bigosińska, Abelard is a serif typeface household. This typeface has twelve styles and was published by Indian Type Foundry.

Abelard is a modern (or neoclassical) family with 10 font designs. It is a modern take on traditional types like Baskerville, Bulmer, and Scotch Roman that has been enhanced for text embedding on eReaders. The design features aspects guaranteeing even text color, including case-sensitive types, popular punctuation marks, ligatures, and four sets of figures. Each typeface likewise consists of accessories looking like pen nibs, bullet points, and arrows. Abelard's capitals are quite similar in width. The lowercase letters feature open apertures, a moderate x-height, mild stroke-contrast, and ball terminals. The lowercase 'f' and 'r' are narrow. While Abelard's roman styles are sophisticated and sober, the italics are more flamboyant-- simply look at the lowercase 'y' in each italic font style. Abelard's italics are somewhat narrower than the romans, and lighter in weight. The italic 'v', 'w', and 'y' each have their ideal arm curved, which enhances their spacing.

Font Family:
· Abelard Light
· Abelard Light Italic
· Abelard Regular
· Abelard Italic
· Abelard Medium
· Abelard Medium Italic
· Abelard Semibold
· Abelard Semibold Italic
· Abelard Bold
· Abelard Bold Italic
· Abelard Extra Bold
· Abelard Extra Bold Italic

Abelard Font Preview
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