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Actay Font

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ActayDesigner: Serdar Öztürk
Publisher: Arodora Type
Actay was designed by Serdar Öztürk and published by Arodora Type. Actay contains 60 styles and family package options. The font is currently #34 in Hot New Fonts. p>PHTMLActay Font is an elegant and remarkable family with its highly legible geometric lines. Crowded family members are divided into three separate groups: Normal, Condensed, and Wide. Each group has 20 weights.PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLActay Font also provides Cyrillic Alphabet support, providing unlimited possibilities in many languages and will not let you down.PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLThe fluent functionality of Actay is achieved with multiple OpenType features, such as case-sensitive forms, contextual and stylistic alternates. The standard numerals set encompasses tabular figures and symbols, superiors and inferiors, numerators and denominators, plus fractions.PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLThanks to its corporate structure, Actay can be shaped and used in accordance with many design trends.PCHTML

Font Family:
· Actay Thin
· Actay Thin Italic
· Actay Extra Light
· Actay Extra Light Italic
· Actay Light
· Actay Light Italic
· Actay Regular
· Actay Regular Italic
· Actay Medium
· Actay Medium Italic
· Actay Semi Bold
· Actay Semi Bold Italic
· Actay Bold
· Actay Bold Italic
· Actay Extra Bold
· Actay Extra Bold Italic
· Actay Black
· Actay Black Italic
· Actay Extra Black
· Actay Extra Black Italic
· Actay Condensed Thin
· Actay Condensed Thin Italic
· Actay Condensed Extra Light
· Actay Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Actay Condensed Light
· Actay Condensed Light Italic
· Actay Condensed Regular
· Actay Condensed Regular Italic
· Actay Condensed Medium
· Actay Condensed Medium Italic
· Actay Condensed Semi Bold
· Actay Condensed Semi Bold Italic
· Actay Condensed Bold
· Actay Condensed Bold Italic
· Actay Condensed Extra Bold
· Actay Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Actay Condensed Black
· Actay Condensed Black Italic
· Actay Condensed Extra Black
· Actay Condensed Extra Black Italic
· Actay Wide Thin
· Actay Wide Thin Italic
· Actay Wide Extra Light
· Actay Wide Extra Light Italic
· Actay Wide Light
· Actay Wide Light Italic
· Actay Wide Regular
· Actay Wide Regular Italic
· Actay Wide Medium
· Actay Wide Medium Italic
· Actay Wide Semi Bold
· Actay Wide Semi Bold Italic
· Actay Wide Bold
· Actay Wide Bold Italic
· Actay Wide Extra Bold
· Actay Wide Extra Bold Italic
· Actay Wide Black
· Actay Wide Black Italic
· Actay Wide Extra Black
· Actay Wide Extra Black Italic

Tags: cyrillic, geometric-sans, geometric grotesque, hot new font, modern sans serif, multilangual, sans serif
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