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Acuta Font

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AcutaPublisher: Anatoletype
Acuta is a serif font style family. This typeface has fourteen styles and was released by Anatoletype.

Acuta is a new all-purpose text serif with a good readability and a contemporary, robust appearance thanks to its low-medium contrast. The differences between thick and thin are less strongly significant than in oldstyle text faces; yet the diagonal tension needed to assist in reading is partially provided by the letter shape itself: sharp angles and italic building provide the right dynamism to the text.

Acuta ends up being extremely distinct as headline, while its big x-height make it appropriate for texts at rather little sizes too.

The family includes 7 weights & & reporter italics, with a big character set. The Book and Medium weights, relatively close to each other, can both be used as "plain" weight depending on the size of the text, background color or backlighting.

Small caps, oldstyle and tabular figure alternates, superiors and inferiors and ligatures are offered in all designs through OpenType features.

The genuine italics consist of unobtrusive swash alternates to stress the written feeling.

Font Family:
· Acuta Thin
· Acuta Thin Italic
· Acuta Light
· Acuta Light Italic
· Acuta Book
· Acuta Book Italic
· Acuta Medium
· Acuta Medium Italic
· Acuta Bold
· Acuta Bold Italic
· Acuta Black
· Acuta Black Italic
· Acuta Fat
· Acuta Fat Italic

Acuta Font Preview
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