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Adora PRO Font

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Adora PROPublisher: preussTYPE
Adora PRO is a sans serif font style household. This typeface has forty-eight designs and was published by preussTYPE.

German type designer Ingo Preuss produced this sans Super-family in between 2010 and 2015.


The family has 84 weights, ranging from Light to Ultra in Typical, Compact, Condensed and Compressed (consisting of italics).
It can be found in OpenType format with extended language support. All weights consist of ligatures, exceptional characters, proportional lining figures, tabular lining figures, proportional old style figures, lining old style figures, matching currency signs, fraction- and scientific characters and matching arrows.


The Adora PRO household is ideally matched for marketing and packaging, editorial and publishing, logo design, branding and creative markets, poster and billboards, small text, wayfinding and signage in addition to web and screen design.

.Font Family:
· Adora PRO Normal Light
· Adora PRO Normal Light Italic
· Adora PRO Normal Regular
· Adora PRO Normal Italic
· Adora PRO Normal Medium
· Adora PRO Normal Medium Italic
· Adora PRO Normal Bold
· Adora PRO Normal Bold Italic
· Adora PRO Normal Black
· Adora PRO Normal Black Italic
· Adora PRO Normal Ultra
· Adora PRO Normal Ultra Italic
· Adora PRO Compressed Light
· Adora PRO Compressed Light Italic
· Adora PRO Compressed Regular
· Adora PRO Compressed Italic
· Adora PRO Compressed Medium
· Adora PRO Compressed Medium Italic
· Adora PRO Compressed Bold
· Adora PRO Compressed Bold Italic
· Adora PRO Compressed Black
· Adora PRO Compressed Black Italic
· Adora PRO Compressed Ultra
· Adora PRO Compressed Ultra Italic
· Adora PRO Condensed Light
· Adora PRO Condensed Light Italic
· Adora PRO Condensed Regular
· Adora PRO Condensed Italic
· Adora PRO Condensed Medium
· Adora PRO Condensed Medium Italic
· Adora PRO Condensed Bold
· Adora PRO Condensed Bold Italic
· Adora PRO Condensed Black
· Adora PRO Condensed Black Italic
· Adora PRO Condensed Ultra
· Adora PRO Condensed Ultra Italic
· Adora PRO Compact Light
· Adora PRO Compact Light Italic
· Adora PRO Compact Regular
· Adora PRO Compact Italic
· Adora PRO Compact Medium
· Adora PRO Compact Medium Italic
· Adora PRO Compact Bold
· Adora PRO Compact Bold Italic
· Adora PRO Compact Black
· Adora PRO Compact Black Italic
· Adora PRO Compact Ultra
· Adora PRO Compact Ultra Italic

Adora PRO Font Preview
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