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Aeonis Pro Font

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Aeonis ProDesigner: Erik Faulhaber
Publisher: Linotype
Aeonis Pro was developed by Erik Faulhaber and published by Linotype. Aeonis Pro consists of 42 styles and family bundle alternatives. p > After Generis, Aeonis is the 2nd large family of typefaces by Erik Faulhaber. The standard Aeonis sans-serif kind references Ancient Greek lapidary engravings from the 9th century BC. Between the poles of antiquity and modernity, a deliberate contradiction of round and rectangle-shaped types paved the way to a new and energised font style: Aeonis.

Aeonis is offered in 3 widths and seven weights, all of which have actually been carefully collaborated in regards to their percentages. The clear contrast in the strong stroke strength stresses the natural nature of the font style and creates interesting aesthetic appeals. Due to their open forms, the letters ensure a good level of readability, even in small point sizes. Provided that the dynamic private forms of Aeonis also fit perfectly in a functional image, this typeface is perfect both for complex, text-heavy documents in addition to for logos and show text settings.

Particular attention was paid to making sure carefully coordination proportions: all designs and weights have the exact same cap height, in addition to identical ascender heights, x-heights, and descender lengths. The widths of all figures, currency symbols, mathematical operators, and special characters have been thoroughly lined up for tablular settings.

Aeonis is a very systematic style. All of its widths and weights might be integrated with one another, without restrictions. For users who do not like the open A, an alternate A with a crossbar is consisted of in each font as well.

Font Family:
· Aeonis Pro Thin
· Aeonis Pro Thin Italic
· Aeonis Pro Light
· Aeonis Pro Light Italic
· Aeonis Pro Regular
· Aeonis Pro Italic
· Aeonis Pro Medium
· Aeonis Pro Medium Italic
· Aeonis Pro Bold
· Aeonis Pro Bold Italic
· Aeonis Pro Heavy
· Aeonis Pro Heavy Italic
· Aeonis Pro Black
· Aeonis Pro Black Italic
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Thin
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Thin Italic
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Light
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Light Italic
· Aeonis Pro Condensed
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Italic
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Medium
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Medium Italic
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Bold
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Bold Italic
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Heavy
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Heavy Italic
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Black
· Aeonis Pro Condensed Black Italic
· Aeonis Pro Extended Thin
· Aeonis Pro Extended Thin Italic
· Aeonis Pro Extended Light
· Aeonis Pro Extended Light Italic
· Aeonis Pro Extended
· Aeonis Pro Extended Italic
· Aeonis Pro Extended Medium
· Aeonis Pro Extended Medium Italic
· Aeonis Pro Extended Bold
· Aeonis Pro Extended Bold Italic
· Aeonis Pro Extended Heavy
· Aeonis Pro Extended Heavy Italic
· Aeonis Pro Extended Black
· Aeonis Pro Extended Black Italic

Tags: ancient greek, display sans, reduced, sans-serif, spurless, squarish, superfamily

Aeonis Pro Font Preview

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