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Agilita Font

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AgilitaDesigner: Jürgen Weltin
Publisher: Linotype
Agilita was developed by Jürgen Weltin and published by Linotype. Agilita includes 65 styles and household bundle choices. p > Produced by German designer Jürgen Weltin, Linotype's Agilita is a modern humanist sans serif household with a variety of weights, including both ultra thin hairline choices and much heavier, dark type. Agilita has rather classical proportions; its clear ascenders and descenders provide more distinct word shapes.

Weltin's style has a dynamic, yet strong and really functional look with a fine but clear emphasis on the horizontals. This conventional approach makes it a versatile typeface for massive text setting, but it can likewise be used in complicated information design jobs, and orientation systems, for instance. For this reason it was developed thoroughly into a vast array type family system consisting of 32 styles. This even covers the requirements for screen and headline setting. Corresponding condensed weights appropriate where horizontal space is scarce, as in narrow columns and tables, for example. The Agilta Hairline and Agilta Ultra Thin styles were specifically produced screen use. These fonts should be set at a minimum size of 20 pt for printed project, and about 40 pt on output to printer, depending on the paper used.

Agilita's character sets consist of special signs and signs that may be used in dictionaries; like arrows for lemmata and indications for cross recommendations, idioms or colloquial language. There are two sets of arrows available in each weight for use in orientation systems. Each typeface in the Agilta family is developed according to Linotype's Prolonged European character set standards. These use assistance for more than 48 Latin-based languages utilized in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, including Baltics and Turkey.

Font Family:
· Agilita Pro Hairline
· Agilita Pro Hairline Italic
· Agilita Pro Ultra Thin
· Agilita Pro Ultra Thin Italic
· Agilita Pro Thin
· Agilita Pro Thin Italic
· Agilita Pro Extra Light
· Agilita Pro Extra Light Italic
· Agilita Pro Light
· Agilita Pro Light Italic
· Agilita Pro Regular
· Agilita Pro Italic
· Agilita Pro Medium
· Agilita Pro Medium Italic
· Agilita Pro Bold
· Agilita Pro Bold Italic
· Agilita Pro Heavy
· Agilita Pro Heavy Italic
· Agilita Pro Black
· Agilita Pro Black Italic
· Agilita Pro Condensed Light
· Agilita Pro Condensed Light Italic
· Agilita Pro Condensed
· Agilita Pro Condensed Italic
· Agilita Pro Condensed Medium
· Agilita Pro Condensed Medium Italic
· Agilita Pro Condensed Bold
· Agilita Pro Condensed Bold Italic
· Agilita Pro Condensed Heavy
· Agilita Pro Condensed Heavy Italic
· Agilita Pro Condensed Black
· Agilita Pro Condensed Black Italic
· Agilita Pro Dot Thin
· Agilita Std Ultra Thin
· Agilita Std Condensed Light
· Agilita Std Hairline
· Agilita Std Hairline Italic
· Agilita Std Ultra Thin Italic
· Agilita Std Thin
· Agilita Std Thin Italic
· Agilita Std Extra Light
· Agilita Std Extra Light Italic
· Agilita Std Light
· Agilita Std Light Italic
· Agilita Std Regular
· Agilita Std Italic
· Agilita Std Medium
· Agilita Std Medium Italic
· Agilita Std Bold
· Agilita Std Bold Italic
· Agilita Std Heavy
· Agilita Std Heavy Italic
· Agilita Std Black
· Agilita Std Black Italic
· Agilita Std Condensed Light Italic
· Agilita Std Condensed
· Agilita Std Condensed Italic
· Agilita Std Condensed Medium
· Agilita Std Condensed Medium Italic
· Agilita Std Condensed Bold
· Agilita Std Condensed Bold Italic
· Agilita Std Condensed Heavy
· Agilita Std Condensed Heavy Italic
· Agilita Std Condensed Black
· Agilita Std Condensed Black Italic

Agilita Font Preview

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