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Ainslie Slab Font

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Ainslie SlabPublisher: Insigne Design
Ainslie Slab is a piece serif typeface family. This typeface has forty-two designs and was released by Insigne Design.

Holy Dooley! It's a new Ainslie!

Based on the motivation from Mt. Ainslie and the Ainslie suburb outside Canberra, the original Ainslie adds [these characteristics] to the task. And now the muses of Ainslie are back at work, lending their structure as the foundation of Ainslie Piece. Like its huge bros, the brand-new Ainslie Slab puts together a terrific mix of influences from Oz for a fantastic looking typeface with some ace brand-new shoes. Piece's spiffy new slab serifs complement the timeless frame, making the result a ripper Aussie typeface that can be used with a fantastic number of applications.

Take a take a look at the trendy typeface's alternates in action, too. You can access these in any OpenType-enabled application. Alternates, swashes and alternate titling caps allow you to personalize your look and feel. Capital swash alternates, old design figures, and compact caps are consisted of to add a bit more flexibility to your work, too. OpenType allowed applications can take total benefit of your automated replacing ligatures and alternates, and this font also provides the glyphs to assist a large range of languages. View all of these in the PDF brochure.

Try it for copy. Attempt it for a headline. Attempt it alongside the initial Ainslie or Ainslie Sans. Whichever method fits you best, offer it a burl. You will not be unfortunate you did.

Font Family:
· Ainslie Slab Thin
· Ainslie Slab Thin Italic
· Ainslie Slab Light
· Ainslie Slab Light Italic
· Ainslie Slab Book
· Ainslie Slab Book Italic
· Ainslie Slab Regular
· Ainslie Slab Italic
· Ainslie Slab Medium
· Ainslie Slab Medium Italic
· Ainslie Slab Demi
· Ainslie Slab Demi Italic
· Ainslie Slab Bold
· Ainslie Slab Bold Italic
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Thin
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Thin Italic
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Light
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Light Italic
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Book
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Book Italic
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Regular
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Italic
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Medium
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Medium Italic
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Demi
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Demi Italic
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Bold
· Ainslie Slab Condensed Bold Italic
· Ainslie Slab Extended Thin
· Ainslie Slab Extended Thin Italic
· Ainslie Slab Extended Light
· Ainslie Slab Extended Light Italic
· Ainslie Slab Extended Book
· Ainslie Slab Extended Book Italic
· Ainslie Slab Extended Regular
· Ainslie Slab Extended Italic
· Ainslie Slab Extended Medium
· Ainslie Slab Extended Medium Italic
· Ainslie Slab Extended Demi
· Ainslie Slab Extended Demi Italic
· Ainslie Slab Extended Bold
· Ainslie Slab Extended Bold Italic

Ainslie Slab Font Preview
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