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Ainslie Font

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AinsliePublisher: Insigne Design
Ainslie is a sans serif font style family. This typeface has forty-two designs and was published by Insigne Design.

The brand-new typeface, Ainslie, with its mix of impacts from Oz, makes its mark as the first semi-serif from insigne Design.

Ainslie, called for Mt. Ainslie and Canberra's inner suburb of the very same name, was initially developed for the Canberra Australia Centennial Typeface Competitors. Canberra is Australia's capital, and It's a planned city designed by American Walter Burley Griffin, a modern and one-time partner of Frank Lloyd Wright. Griffin's plan included a definitely geometric design with a number of focal points—— among which was Mt. Ainslie. This very same purely geometric scheme is now the basis for insigne's brand-new release.

Similar to the Chatype task in its scope, its obstacle, and the method its idea was established, Ainslie integrates influences from Canberra and surrounding areas to form a typeface that is distinctively Australian. In comparison, Chatype was developed for the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee by insigne in conjunction with designer Robbie de Villiers. Chatype took aspects from Chattanooga's commercial character and Cherokee past and combined them with the location's technological influences.

Likewise, Ainslie takes Canberra's unique, geometric style and mixes it with the natural, running impact of aboriginal art. Add in touches from the smooth, aerodynamic design of the boomerang and Ainslie offers you an appearance distinctively Australian yet functional in a large range of applications.

The stylish typeface includes a wide range of alternates that can be accessed in any OpenType-enabled application. These trendy alternates along with a number of swashes as well as thoroughly refined information with ball terminals and alternate titling caps keep the font style well accessorized. Likewise included are capital swash alternates, old design figures, and little caps. Browse the PDF brochure to see these features in action. OpenType allowed applications such as the Adobe suite or Quark can maximize the automatic changing ligatures and alternates. This household likewise offers the glyphs to support a large range of languages.

While Ainslie wasn't picked as the last font style in the Canberra competition, the outcome permitted extra adjustments to the typeface. A number of methods were tried for the last product consisting of a technological hexagonal principle, which may still be established to another kind later on. Some of the organic forms were removed and substituted with more abrupt endings, leaving the face looking pretty sleek and a fair bit more readable. In the end, Ainslie was pulled back to the standard forms from which it was started.

Font Family:
· Ainslie Norm Thin
· Ainslie Norm Thin Italic
· Ainslie Norm Light
· Ainslie Norm Light Italic
· Ainslie Norm Book
· Ainslie Norm Book Italic
· Ainslie Norm Regular
· Ainslie Norm Regular Italic
· Ainslie Norm Medium
· Ainslie Norm Medium Italic
· Ainslie Norm Demi
· Ainslie Norm Demi Italic
· Ainslie Norm Bold
· Ainslie Norm Bold Italic
· Ainslie Cond Thin
· Ainslie Cond Thin Italic
· Ainslie Cond Light
· Ainslie Cond Light Italic
· Ainslie Cond Book
· Ainslie Cond Book Italic
· Ainslie Cond Regular
· Ainslie Cond Regular Italic
· Ainslie Cond Medium
· Ainslie Cond Medium Italic
· Ainslie Cond Demi
· Ainslie Cond Demi Italic
· Ainslie Cond Bold
· Ainslie Cond Bold Italic
· Ainslie Ext Thin
· Ainslie Ext Thin Italic
· Ainslie Ext Light
· Ainslie Ext Light Italic
· Ainslie Ext Book
· Ainslie Ext Book Italic
· Ainslie Ext Regular
· Ainslie Ext Regular Italic
· Ainslie Ext Medium
· Ainslie Ext Medium Italic
· Ainslie Ext Demi
· Ainslie Ext Demi Italic
· Ainslie Ext Bold
· Ainslie Ext Bold Italic

Ainslie Font Preview
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