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AJ Quadrata Font

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AJ QuadrataDesigner: Adam Jagosz
Publisher: Adam Jagosz
AJ Quadrata was created by Adam Jagosz and released by Adam Jagosz. AJ Quadrata consists of 4 designs and family package options. p >

Once, Blackletter was a calligraphy design. Full of ligatures, with letters bumping into each other to produce an unapologetic picket-fence pattern. Some even declared that the consistency enhanced legibility! However then Blackletter was cast into metal, and only a handful of recognized ligatures endured, while many interletter connections were disentangled. Everybody considering that done the same, and hundreds of years later on, digital Blackletter font styles were modelled primarily on the metal font styles that dominated rather than the initial handwriting. Up until now!

AJ Quadrata is a genuine revival of the textura quadrata hand, and its significant motivation is a 15th-century Latin manuscript of the Bible from Zwolle, the Netherlands. The typeface is provided in two flavors.

The default cut is a contemporary take on textura quadrata that can be beneficial for today and tomorrow. The basic ligatures include utilizes almost all letters. The tittle of i keeps its initial, hasty squiggle kind (other than for the Turkish localization). Discretionary ligatures include medieval ligatures da, de, do, pa, pe, po (and their mixed-case counterparts!). Stylistic sets enable to utilize historical letter variations such as long s and rotunda r, closed-counter a, and alternate capitals.

AJ Quadrata Medieval is best for setting medieval Latin. Default forms of capital F, H and O are swapped with the alternates. The squiggles above i only appear for disamibiguation neighboring m, n or u, as in initial manuscripts. Discretionary ligatures and historic versions are promoted to the standard ligatures feature to make room in the discretionary ligatures include for a range of scribal abbreviations. Committed stylistic sets consist of medieval punctuation and validation alternates - glyphs with elongated terminals utilized for lengthening lines that end up too short.

The Rubrum designs can be layered and colored to create the illuminated result on the capital letters.

Besides a loyal performance of prolonged Latin including Vietnamese, numerous artificial additions are included: polytonic Greek, Armenian, and Cyrillic (with Bulgarian and Serbian/Macedonian localizations).

Both tastes of the typeface can be considered a starting point that can be further tailored using OpenType functions, including Stylistic Sets (some features vary between AJ Quadrata and AJ Quadrata Middle Ages):

ss01 Alt Ess02 Coming Down F/ Roman Fss03 Uncial H/ Roman Hss04 Angular O/ Round Oss05 Contextual closed-counter ass06 Diamond-dot i j/ Constantly dotted i, jss07 Contextual rotunda r/ No r rotundass08 Contextual long s/ No long sss09 Dotless yss10 Serbian Cyrillicss11 Alt Cyrillic dess12 Alt Cyrillic zhess13 Alt Cyrillic shass14-ss17 [booked for future usage] ss18 Scribal punctuationss19 Alt linking hyphenss20 Justification rotates

Font Family:
· AJ Quadrata Bold
· AJ Quadrata Medieval Bold
· AJ Quadrata Bold Rubrum
· AJ Quadrata Medieval Bold Rubrum

Tags: blackletter, calligraphy, decorative, gothic, handwriting, handwritten, hard rock, heavy metal, medieval, metal, ornamental, rock, scribal, textura
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