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Akko Font

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AkkoDesigner: Akira Kobayashi
Publisher: Linotype
Akko was designed by Akira Kobayashi and released by Linotype. Akko contains 48 designs and family bundle alternatives. p > The Akko typeface family is the very first brand-new design from Akira Kobayashi in a long time - and it is well worth the wait. Image an industrial strength typeface like the Isonorm design. Now mix this with a natural design like the Cooper Black typeface. It was the concept of the fusion of these 2 style concepts that inspired Kobayashi to draw Akko.

„ My initial idea was to produce a sanserif type with a ‚ soft-focus' effect," says Kobayashi. „ From here, the style developed into two families, the robust and structured sanserif Akko and soft and friendly Akko Rounded."

Akko has a vast array of weights, with options consisting of complementary italics and a brand-new Condensed variety. The Akko typeface household is offered as a suite of OpenType Pro fonts, permitting the automated insertion of little caps, ligatures and alternate characters. Pro fonts likewise use an extended character set supporting most Central European and numerous Eastern European languages. And brand-new Paneuropean versions present support for Cyrillic and Greek.

Font Family:
· Akko Pro Thin
· Akko Pro Thin Italic
· Akko Pro Light
· Akko Pro Light Italic
· Akko Pro Regular
· Akko Pro Italic
· Akko Pro Medium
· Akko Pro Medium Italic
· Akko Pro Bold
· Akko Pro Bold Italic
· Akko Pro Black
· Akko Pro Black Italic
· Akko Pro Condensed Thin
· Akko Pro Condensed Thin Italic
· Akko Pro Condensed Light
· Akko Pro Condensed Light Italic
· Akko Pro Condensed
· Akko Pro Condensed Italic
· Akko Pro Condensed Medium
· Akko Pro Condensed Medium Italic
· Akko Pro Condensed Bold
· Akko Pro Condensed Bold Italic
· Akko Pro Condensed Black
· Akko Pro Condensed Black Italic
· Akko Paneuropean Thin
· Akko Paneuropean Thin Italic
· Akko Paneuropean Light
· Akko Paneuropean Light Italic
· Akko Paneuropean Regular
· Akko Paneuropean Italic
· Akko Paneuropean Medium
· Akko Paneuropean Medium Italic
· Akko Paneuropean Bold
· Akko Paneuropean Bold Italic
· Akko Paneuropean Black
· Akko Paneuropean Black Italic
· Akko Pro Rounded Thin
· Akko Pro Rounded Thin Italic
· Akko Pro Rounded Light
· Akko Pro Rounded Light Italic
· Akko Pro Rounded Regular
· Akko Pro Rounded Italic
· Akko Pro Rounded Medium
· Akko Pro Rounded Medium Italic
· Akko Pro Rounded Bold
· Akko Pro Rounded Bold Italic
· Akko Pro Rounded Black
· Akko Pro Rounded Black Italic

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Akko Font Preview

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