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Alergia Remix Font

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Alergia RemixDesigner: Mateusz Machalski
Publisher: BORUTTA
Created by Mateusz Machalski, Alergia Remix is a sans serif font style family. This typeface has 10 designs and was released by BORUTTA.

Alergia Remix was developed by Mateusz Machalski. It is the more youthful sibling of Alergia Grotesk. The remixed designs were made as a hybrid in between a linear antiqua and a geometric display screen typeface.

Alergia_Remix is characterised by a lot of details, which offers it a strong character. It includes unpredictable building in a number of letterforms a, s, g, e, m, h and so on. In combination with a fragile contrast, this makes Alergia_Remix a good choice for many display purposes.

The entire household has an extensive set of characters. In additionton the Latin letters, Alergia_Grotesk also has a full set of characters for Vietnamese, prolonged Cyrillic (with Abkhasian) and Greek.

Font Family:
· Alergia Remix Hairline
· Alergia Remix Thin
· Alergia Remix Extra Light
· Alergia Remix Ultra Light
· Alergia Remix Light
· Alergia Remix Regular
· Alergia Remix Medium
· Alergia Remix Semi Bold
· Alergia Remix Bold
· Alergia Remix Black

Alergia Remix Font Preview
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