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Alio Text Font

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Alio TextDesigner: Tana Kosiyabong
Publisher: R9 Type+Design
Created by Tana Kosiyabong, Alio Text is a sans serif font style household. This typeface has eight designs and was released by R9 Type+ Design.

Alio ™ Text is the workhorse of the Alio household. It works perfectly as display type, body copy and anything in between.

We redesigned Alio Text with taller x-height, more noticable accents, and wider letter spacing than its brother or sisters, Alio Pro. We likewise cut down from 6 weights/12 designs to 4 weights/8 designs. All of these is to guarantee the legibility and readability and to make the most of the weight contrast at little sizes.

Whether your designs call for all caps, title case, sentence case or all lowercase, Alio Text has actually got you covered with the case-sensitive punctuations. No more baseline shift all your punctuations. Alio Text supports most Latin-based languages and even the Chinese Pin-Yin. This typeface likewise loads with Open-Type features similar to Alio Pro. For instances, both recognize portions vs. dates; Both functions numerous alternate positions for the legal signs (3 in Alio Text; 5 in Alio Pro). If you're looking for a go-to, flexible typeface for the majority of occasions, Alio Text is for you. (4 weights/8 typeface designs, 500+ glyphs each).

.Font Family:
· Alio Text Light
· Alio Text Light Italic
· Alio Text Regular
· Alio Text Italic
· Alio Text Medium
· Alio Text Medium Italic
· Alio Text Bold
· Alio Text Bold Italic

Alio Text Font Preview
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