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ALS Direct Font

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ALS DirectDesigner: Vera Evstafieva
Publisher: Art. Lebedev Studio
ALS Direct was designed by Vera Evstafieva and released by Art. Lebedev Studio. ALS Direct consists of 9 styles and family bundle options. p > ALS Direct is an open and vibrant typeface with specific letterforms that make it immediately legible. It lends text a neutral, yet reasonable and modern feel.

Direct has 9 font style styles practical for the purposes of navigation signs. Regular-style letterforms are rather wide, due to the fact that direction indications are likely to appear before readers at an angle, so the type requires to endure perspective distortions. And as indications and boards might differ in size, Direct was established to consist of a number of width variations. Condensed typefaces can be utilized where horizontal space is restricted, allowing you to keep proper height and readability of the characters.

A signs typeface should be easily understandable from some distance away and have easy letterfoms with specific features to quickly identify characters. Designing a type for a possibly wide variety of functions requires a universal method. If not predestined to be used for navigation in a particular structure, it should not incorporate any strange components to concur with particular style or architecture.

All of the above identified our choice of a sans serif with big apertures and certain features permitting readers to quickly recognize letters. Descenders are made compact not to disrupt the line below. And the low contrast in between thick and thin strokes renders all aspects similarly perceptible.

The x-height is substantial, near to the cap height, which inhances readability of the lowercase type. There are 2 factors why directions must not be embeded in all caps. First of all, lowercase letters are more diverse and include ascenders and descenders identifying a few of the letters in the line. And secondly, having actually found out to check out, people acknowledge word shapes instead of individual letters, that makes lowercase text more readable.

With Direct being a signs typeface, first to be established were its width variations, and various weight designs and italics were included later. Another thing to be born in mind was that indications often utilize dark background colors, and black type on a white background appears smaller sized than white type on a black background.

Direct is the first Cyrillic typeface produced for navigation purposes. Before that, designers might use the Cyrillic variation of Frutiger (Freeset) established by Adrian Frutiger for the Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, and a variety of other, mostly body copy, neutral sans serif types. However, indications and boards were controlled by Arial, which Direct would be thankful to change offering elegance and lucidity of type instead of type bluntess.

Direct was created as a signs typeface, however its neutral design and precise letterforms recommend numerous other ways of application.

Font Family:
· Direct Regular
· Direct Italic
· Direct Bold
· Direct Bold Italic
· Direct Condensed Light
· Direct Condensed Regular
· Direct Semi Condensed Light
· Direct Semi Condensed Regular
· Direct Semi Condensed Bold

Tags: dynamic, legible, letterhead, magazine, sans-serif, signage, true italics

ALS Direct Font Preview

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