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Ambroise Std Font

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Ambroise StdDesigner: Jean Porchez
Publisher: Typofonderie
Ambroise Std was designed by Jean Porchez and published by Typofonderie. Ambroise Std includes 28 styles and household bundle choices. p > A Didot in 14 series & & 3 widths

Designed by Jean Fran├žois Porchez in 2001, Ambroise is a contemporary interpretation of various typefaces coming from Didot's late style, conceived circa 1830, including the original forms of g, y, &; and to a lesser level, k. &These characters are found in Vibert's typefaces. Vibert was the designated punchcutter of the Didot family during this period. It is the Black, of which sources were surest, and which was the basis for the conception of the household. In the 2nd half of the 19th century, it was regular to discover fat Didots in numerous widths in the catalogs of French type foundries. These exact same typefaces continued to be provided until the death of the huge French foundries in the 1960s.

Every variation of the typeface carries a name in tribute to a member of the illustrious Didot household of type creators and printers. The condensed version is called Ambroise Firmin. The extra-condensed is called Ambroise Francois.

Font Family:
· Ambroise Std Light
· Ambroise Alt Light
· Ambroise Std Regular
· Ambroise Alt Regular
· Ambroise Std Demi
· Ambroise Alt Demi
· Ambroise Std Bold
· Ambroise Alt Bold
· Ambroise Std Black
· Ambroise Alt Black
· Ambroise Std Firmin Light
· Ambroise Alt Firmin Light
· Ambroise Std Firmin Regular
· Ambroise Alt Firmin Regular
· Ambroise Std Firmin Demi
· Ambroise Alt Firmin Demi
· Ambroise Std Firmin Bold
· Ambroise Alt Firmin Bold
· Ambroise Std Firmin Black
· Ambroise Alt Firmin Black
· Ambroise Alt Francois Regular
· Ambroise Std Francois Regular
· Ambroise Alt Francois Demi
· Ambroise Std Francois Demi
· Ambroise Alt Francois Bold
· Ambroise Std Francois Bold
· Ambroise Alt Francois Black
· Ambroise Std Francois Black

Tags: bodoni, contemporary, didone, didot, display, g, k, lachrymal terminals, modern, serif, vibert, y

Ambroise Std Font Preview

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