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Amica Pro Font

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Amica ProDesigner: Dave Rowland
Publisher: Schizotype
Amica Pro was created by Dave Rowland and published by Schizotype. Amica Pro consists of 18 designs and household plan options. p > Welcome Amica Pro, a workhorse sans created to offer your branding a friendly, approachable appearance. What is it that makes a typeface friendly? Schizotype undertook substantial research study * in this and the results remain in! To cut a long story short, friendliness in sans serif typefaces can be summarized in 2 words-- brief and fat. Generally, believe Danny DeVito in letter form. The shortness in Amica Pro is attained (somewhat counterintuitively) by pressing up the x-height. This, coupled with brief ascenders and descenders, provides the text a squat appearance. For the fatness, that's simple in the bolder weights, however how to carry this through to the lights? Here, the fatness corresponds to roundness, so the letterforms, even if the stroke weight is light, have a rotund look from the wideness and roundness of the circular glyphs.

When believing about friendliness, we think of inclusiveness. To this end, Amica Pro supports an incredibly large range of latin-based languages, as it utilizes Underware's Latin Plus character set, as well as additional support for Vietnamese.

Amica Pro is best utilized for branding, logo designs, infographics etc. It will provide your UI a friendlier feel, however that does not imply it's not major. There are lots of useful typographic functions, consisting of alternates, many figure styles, automated portions and case-sensitive kinds. The italics are thoroughly optically remedied 'sloped romans' and as such they are the exact same width as their upright equivalent, so changing your copy to italics will not mess around with the spacing.

* I looked at a couple of font styles and drew some lazy conclusions.

Font Family:
· Amica Pro Thin
· Amica Pro Thin Italic
· Amica Pro Ultra Light
· Amica Pro Ultra Light Italic
· Amica Pro Extra Light
· Amica Pro Extra Light Italic
· Amica Pro Light
· Amica Pro Light Italic
· Amica Pro Regular
· Amica Pro Regular Italic
· Amica Pro Medium
· Amica Pro Medium Italic
· Amica Pro Bold
· Amica Pro Bold Italic
· Amica Pro Extra Bold
· Amica Pro Extra Bold Italic
· Amica Pro Black
· Amica Pro Black Italic

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