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Ana Font

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AnaDesigner: Vedran Eraković
Publisher: LetterPalette
Ana was designed by Vedran Eraković and released by LetterPalette. Ana contains 7 designs and family plan options. p > Ana is a chromatic typeface including 26 uppercase Latin characters, motivated by arabesque patterns from the 19th century. Set to enable users to easily produce various colored drop caps and initials, this decorative screen typeface features a different accessory for every single letterform, which fits completely with its glyph shape. This accessory is typically more elegant on the left side of the letter, while on the right it is limited, so that the body text can be placed near to the preliminary. These initials are valuable for usage in plus sizes, like posters, magazines, packaging style, fairy tales, and so on.

The last forms of the initials include 5 parts which can be individually colored. There are 5 font files named Ana Layer A, Ana Layer B, and so on. A font user can manually produce a various colored initial with these font files, if there is no possibility to utilize the Contextual Alternates alternative. To do that, it is essential to make 5 layers in the page design software application. Then, the matching character should be put on each layer, so that Ana Layer A is on the most affordable layer and Ana Layer E is on the greatest one. Note that the glyph shapes are contained in the lower case positions.

In contrast, the typeface file named Ana is configured, so it is possible to develop a multicolored initial with the Contextual Alternates command. There is no need for additional layers, everything occurs on a single layer. First, the Contextual Alternates command (typically under OpenType menu) should be disabled. Then, using lower case key, type the preferred character 5 times and apply color to them. Select them all and switch on the Contextual Alternates.

Also, the font style file Ana includes a set of 'black' initials that can be utilized simply like any other non-color typeface. The ornamental versions are included in the uppercase positions, while the letters without the ornaments are in the lower case.

With the font file Ana Black and white one can just get the monochrome initials. Decorative letters are contained in the upper case positions, while the letterforms without the accessories remain in the lower case.

Font Family:
· Ana
· Ana Monochrome
· Ana Layer A
· Ana Layer B
· Ana Layer C
· Ana Layer D
· Ana Layer E

Tags: 19th, 19th century, arabesque, chromatic, decorative, display, fairy tale, initial, initials, luxurious, magazine, monogram, multicolored, ornament, ornamental, ornaments, packaging, poster

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