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Andes Neue Font

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Andes NeueDesigner: Daniel Hernández
Publisher: Latinotype
Designed by Daniel Hernández, Andes Neue is a sans serif typeface household. This typeface has fifty-six designs and was published by Latinotype.

Unlike its predecessor, Andes Neue includes a larger character set of 759 glyphs which support 219 Latin-based languages from 212 countries.

The font is available in 4 variations that supply a broad stylistic variety. Andes Neue is the most similar to the original Andes design. The Alt1 character set bears some resemblance to the old Andes's (yet cleaner); Alt2 uses the alternates in the font style as default glyphs; and Alt3 is a mix of the other 3 variations that provides a balanced set of characters.

Andes Neue also consists of brand-new accents and glyphs for a wider language support, and a set of small caps (in each variation). All of these functions provide the typeface a strong character that assists make text look more appealing. Andes Neue differed weights work well with both brief and mid-length text sections, providing a vast array of options for any design project.

Font Family:
· Andes Neue Thin
· Andes Neue Thin Italic
· Andes Neue Extra Light
· Andes Neue Extra Light Italic
· Andes Neue Light
· Andes Neue Light Italic
· Andes Neue Book
· Andes Neue Book Italic
· Andes Neue Medium
· Andes Neue Medium Italic
· Andes Neue Bold
· Andes Neue Bold Italic
· Andes Neue Black
· Andes Neue Black Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Thin
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Thin Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Extra Light
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Extra Light Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Light
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Light Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Book
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Book Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Medium
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Medium Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Bold
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Bold Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Black
· Andes Neue Alt 1 Black Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Thin
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Thin Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Extra Light
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Extra Light Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Light
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Light Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Book
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Book Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Medium
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Medium Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Bold
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Bold Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Black
· Andes Neue Alt 2 Black Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Thin
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Thin Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Extra Light
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Extra Light Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Light
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Light Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Book
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Book Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Medium
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Medium Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Bold
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Bold Italic
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Black
· Andes Neue Alt 3 Black Italic

Andes Neue Font Preview
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