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Andron 2 EIR Corpus Font

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Andron 2 EIR CorpusDesigner: Andreas Stötzner
Publisher: SIAS
Andron 2 EIR Corpus was developed by Andreas Stötzner and released by SIAS. Andron 2 EIR Corpus consists of 5 designs and household package choices. p > SIAS opens a brand-new chapter in Irish vernacular typography: the Andron-2-Irish font family. The genes of the insular typographic heritage have been mixed with the timeless classical style of the flexible Andron series. Whereas the majority of Irish-style fonts offered more or less adhere to ancient styles, Andron-2-EIR is various: it's a completely brand-new style in which Irishness satisfies the charm of a developed Venetian Roman text face.

Envision a brand-new horizon for setting Irish text in its own visual mode! Now you can use Italics, Semibold and Small capitals for Irish just as you have actually been doing in other languages for a long time. However the icing on the cake is the 5th font style: Andron Irish Middlecase honours the abundant middle ages tradition of Ireland by an unique uncial-style glyph set. It corresponds to the Andron MC series.

Last but not least the Irish type connoisseur will enjoy this font bundle for it's special usage of Opentype functionality. In Opentype-aware applications, by simply ticking a box you can switch to the unique insular forms of s and r. By ticking another box you can transform the text from modern-day orthography to the conventional spelling with lenited consonants. This integrated intelligence has actually never ever been carried out in any Irish font before.

Briefly, the Opentype replacement features are:

[Ligatures]-- default fundamental f-ligatures;

[Descretionary Ligatures]-- more ligatures for typographic reason, mainly t- and long-s-combinations;

[Style set 1]-- turns all lowercase r and s into their insular glyph variations;

[Style set 2]-- changes all consonant-h digraphs by dotted consonants (ḃċḋḟġṁṗṡẛṫ, ḂĊḊḞĠṀṖṠṪ), works for lowercase, uppercase and upper-lowercase alike;

[Style set 3]-- provides another series of extra unique ligatures (for Regular and Italic just);

[Oldstyle figures]-- turns the default lining figures into proportional oldstyle figures.

Andron Irish will also perfectly integrate with every other Andron item in combined settings. For a summary please go to the SIAS main page. For a fast reference go to Andron Latin, Andron Greek, Andron English or Andron MC.

For more fantastic new Irish typefaces look at Hibernica and Ardagh!

Font Family:
· Andron EIR Corpus
· Andron 2 EIR Corpus Italic
· Andron EIR Corpus Semibold
· Andron EIR Corpus Small Caps
· Andron 2 EIR Corpus Middlecase

Tags: classical, gaelic, insular, irish, roman, text face, uncial

Andron 2 EIR Corpus Font Preview

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