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Andron MC Font

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Andron MCDesigner: Andreas Stötzner
Publisher: SIAS
Andron MC was created by Andreas Stötzner and published by SIAS. Andron MC consists of 3 styles and household plan options. p > The font series Andron MC introduces a new function to the collection of the Andron family: middlecase glyphs (intermediate between upper- and lowercase)-- and uncial letters. Middlecase glyphs reach a medium height compared to complete caps height and lowercase x-height. However, 'uncial' indicates the historic transitional lettershapes of the medieval ages which have actually gained no status in the bicameral typographic system of modern-day times.

In all three of the Andron MC fonts middlecase (" MC") glyphs dwell on the lowercase positions. These are coined in uncial style in the MC Uncial and MC Middle ages font styles however appear as capital glyphs in MC Capital. The very same variation accompanies the uppercase positions: whereas standard Roman/capital glyphs exist in MC Uncial and MC Capital, MC Middle ages features uncial majuscules here rather. At the end that makes three various combinations of uncial and capital sorts.

These fonts can be utilized for a terrific variety of purposes. The uncial sets are particularly appropriate for any typographic matter related to the midlifes. MC Capital is a rewarding alternative choice when titling is to be possibly set in CAPITALS or Small caps.

Andron MC includes a remarkable brand-new aspect to the classical Andron font styles household. It improves again the special scope of typographical possibilities Andron is applauded for because quite some time now.

All three Andron MC fonts assistance complete Latin, Greek (monotonic), Coptic and Gothic character ranges. Each font includes about 1000 glyphs.

Font Family:
· Andron MC Corpus Medieval
· Andron MC Corpus Uncial
· Andron MC Corpus Capital

Tags: andron, capital sharp s, celtic, coptic, fairytale, greek, history, medieval, uncial, venetian style, versal eszett, westgothic, wish

Andron MC Font Preview

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