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Anglecia Pro Display Font

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Anglecia Pro DisplayPublisher: Mint Type
Anglecia Pro Display is a serif font household. This typeface has fourteen styles and was published by Mint Type.

Anglecia Pro is a beautiful and flexible system of 3 transitional serif typefaces created to work together in editorial design. Sharing the exact same skeleton, vertical axis, and trapezoidal uncurved serifs, each of these faces bears different crucial dimensions and various contrast common for 3 various type epochs.

Anglecia Pro Show, still having non-rectangular serifs and the very same soft skeleton as the rest of Anglecia Pro system, features severe contrast, much thinner serifs and overstated ball terminals typical for Didone contemporary serif families. Its big x-height and tighter letter spacing recommends larger text sizes e.g. in ornamental headlines, additional big pull quotes or logos.

Altogether these 3 typefaces form 36 designs-- each supporting various Latin-based languages along with major Cyrillic languages. In roman designs the Cyrillic script comes in 2 flavours accessible by means of OpenType alternates-- to select either more standard and curved (default) or more official and rigid type texture. Likewise, each design is packed with OpenType functions: ligatures, little caps, six sets of digits, superiors and inferiors, portions, ordinals, and respective punctuation ranges including all-cap punctuation. There are also language-specific alternates for Polish kreska, Romanian Ș/ ș, and proper small-cap variations for Turkish/Azerbaijani i/ ı.

.Font Family:
· Anglecia Pro Display Extra Light
· Anglecia Pro Display Extra Light Italic
· Anglecia Pro Display Light
· Anglecia Pro Display Light Italic
· Anglecia Pro Display Regular
· Anglecia Pro Display Italic
· Anglecia Pro Display Medium
· Anglecia Pro Display Medium Italic
· Anglecia Pro Display SemiBold
· Anglecia Pro Display SemiBold Italic
· Anglecia Pro Display Bold
· Anglecia Pro Display Bold Italic
· Anglecia Pro Display Black
· Anglecia Pro Display Black Italic

Anglecia Pro Display Font Preview
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