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Annuario Font

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AnnuarioDesigner: Giuseppe Salerno
Publisher: Resistenza
Annuario was designed by Giuseppe Salerno and published by Resistenza. Annuario includes 48 styles and household package alternatives. The font style is currently # 50 in Hot New Fonts. p >

Annuario is a sans serif multi-weight font family at first created for a calendar.

48 typefaces with 2 axes, a flexible family for lots of purposes.

Font Family:
· Annuario Condensed Thin
· Annuario Condensed Thin Italic
· Annuario Condensed Light
· Annuario Condensed Light Italic
· Annuario Condensed Italic
· Annuario Condensed
· Annuario Condensed Medium
· Annuario Condensed Medium Italic
· Annuario Condensed Bold
· Annuario Condensed Bold Italic
· Annuario Condensed Black
· Annuario Condensed Black Italic
· Annuario Thin
· Annuario Thin Italic
· Annuario Light
· Annuario Light Italic
· Annuario Regular
· Annuario Italic
· Annuario Medium
· Annuario Medium Italic
· Annuario Bold
· Annuario Bold Italic
· Annuario Black
· Annuario Black Italic
· Annuario Wide Thin
· Annuario Wide Thin Italic
· Annuario Expanded Thin Italic
· Annuario Wide Light
· Annuario Wide Light Italic
· Annuario Expanded Light Italic
· Annuario Wide
· Annuario Expanded Italic
· Annuario Wide Italic
· Annuario Wide Medium
· Annuario Wide Medium Italic
· Annuario Expanded Medium Italic
· Annuario Wide Bold
· Annuario Wide Bold Italic
· Annuario Expanded Bold Italic
· Annuario Wide Black
· Annuario Wide Black Italic
· Annuario Expanded Black Italic
· Annuario Expanded Thin
· Annuario Expanded Light
· Annuario Expanded
· Annuario Expanded Medium
· Annuario Expanded Bold
· Annuario Expanded Black

Tags: brush, flexible, multi-weights, sans, sans-serif, sansserif, sign painting, weights

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