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Ano Font

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AnoDesigner: Gareth Hague
Publisher: Alias
Ano was designed by Gareth Hague and published by Alias. Ano contains 54 designs and household bundle options. p > A typeface developed for Another Man magazine.

A simple geometric, monoline structure enabled a stylistic consistency over three variations. Routine - a 'standard' alphabet; Upper Lower - where upper case characters are replaced with extra-large lower case; Wide - where upper case characters are the width of a square, and lower case the very same design half the width of a square. Each design attracted italic and back-italic variations. The resulting 9 variations in six weights made 54 font styles in total.

For weights Routine through to Eighth the character weights divide in half. So the Half weight is half that of Routine, Quarter weight is quarter that of Regular and so on. This suggests for example that when Ano Half is set at two times the size of Ano Routine the weight of line is the very same in between the various character sizes. This percentage was used whenever typefaces were utilized in mix, so that heading and standfirst typography always had a consistent weight of line.

The various designs and mathematically defined weights permitted for a range of layout options. For example by utilizing various sizes and mixing up upper and lower case letters in Upper Lower, and by stacking letters into block shaped words in Wide.

The 2 bolder weights were drawn without this mathematical weight boost, as doubling the Regular weight would have filled in its counters and look clumsy. These Vibrant and Black weights enabled for a different and different set of concepts for headline and impact typography and was a great balance against the stick-like buildings of the lighter weights. Black weights enabled a different and different set of concepts for heading and effect typography and was a good balance against the stick-like constructions of the lighter weights.

Font Family:
· Ano Eighth
· Ano Eighth Italic
· Ano Eighth Back Italic
· Ano Eighth UpperLower
· Ano Eighth UpperLower Italic
· Ano Eighth UpperLower Back Italic
· Ano Eighth Wide
· Ano Eighth Wide Italic
· Ano Eighth Wide Back Italic
· Ano Quarter
· Ano Quarter Italic
· Ano Quarter Back Italic
· Ano Quarter UpperLower
· Ano Quarter UpperLower Italic
· Ano Quarter UpperLower Back Italic
· Ano Quarter Wide
· Ano Quarter Wide Italic
· Ano Quarter Wide Back Italic
· Ano Half
· Ano Half Italic
· Ano Half Back Italic
· Ano Half UpperLower
· Ano Half UpperLower Italic
· Ano Half UpperLower Back Italic
· Ano Half Wide
· Ano Half Wide Italic
· Ano Half Wide Back Italic
· Ano
· Ano Italic
· Ano Back Italic
· Ano UpperLower
· Ano UpperLower Italic
· Ano UpperLower Back Italic
· Ano Wide
· Ano Wide Back Italic
· Ano Wide Italic
· Ano Bold
· Ano Bold Italic
· Ano Bold Back Italic
· Ano Bold UpperLower
· Ano Bold UpperLower Italic
· Ano Bold UpperLower Back Italic
· Ano Bold Wide
· Ano Bold Wide Italic
· Ano Bold Wide Back Italic
· Ano Black Regular
· Ano Black Italic
· Ano Black Back Italic
· Ano Black UpperLower
· Ano Black UpperLower Italic
· Ano Black UpperLower Back Italic
· Ano Black Wide
· Ano Black Wide Italic
· Ano Black Wide Back Italic

Ano Font Preview

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