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Antikor Family Font

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Antikor FamilyDesigner: Taner Ardalı
Publisher: Taner Ardali
Antikor Household was designed by Taner Ardalı and published by Taner Ardali. Antikor Household contains 55 designs and household bundle options. p >

Antikor is 'mono geometric sans' household include 3 styles, 55 font styles with real italics ...

All typefaces of family includes 800+ glyphs, and equipped with numerous typographic features.

( Designs: Mono, Text and Display)

Antikor Text is developed for those who choose to utilize monospaced typefaces not only in coding but in several media of graphic style. The concept originated from developing a typeface with monospaced aesthetic without disturbing elements of monospaced typefaces. Antikor text has proportional spacing and exact kerning to avoid bad rhythm and track in reading text. It also offers vast array of beneficial features with extended glyph sets and opentype features.

Antikor Mono is geometric sans monospaced typeface with all typographic features other than spacing and kerning. As other styles it has numerous opentype functions and extended character set including SmallCaps, Stylistic Alternatives, Scientific Numbers, Portions, Oldstyle Numbers, Case Delicate Forms, Arrows, Circled around numbers and etc. It is designed to fulfill all the requirements of the monospaced text medias ...

As Antikor is a versatile family, Antikor Show is a very alternative typeface with playful calligraphic curves.

It is designed with the concept of creating a contrast and eye catching touch in screen use of typography. It creates yummy contrast versus the severe and solid monospace appearance.

Each design has 11 weights ranging from Hairline to ExtraBold + real italics, consist of 22 fonts.

Font Family:
· Antikor Family tx Hairline
· Antikor Family tx Hairline Italic
· Antikor Family tx Thin
· Antikor Family tx Thin Italic
· Antikor Family tx Extra Light
· Antikor Family tx Extra Light Italic
· Antikor Family tx Light
· Antikor Family tx Light Italic
· Antikor Family tx Book
· Antikor Family tx Book Italic
· Antikor Family tx Regular
· Antikor Family tx Regular Italic
· Antikor Family tx News
· Antikor Family tx News Italic
· Antikor Family tx Medium
· Antikor Family tx Medium Italic
· Antikor Family tx Semi Bold
· Antikor Family tx Semi Bold Italic
· Antikor Family tx Bold
· Antikor Family tx Bold Italic
· Antikor Family tx Extra Bold
· Antikor Family tx Extra Bold Italic
· Antikor Family mn Hairline
· Antikor Family mn Hairline Italic
· Antikor Family mn Thin
· Antikor Family mn Thin Italic
· Antikor Family mn Extra Light
· Antikor Family mn Extra Light Italic
· Antikor Family mn Light
· Antikor Family mn Light Italic
· Antikor Family mn Book
· Antikor Family mn Book Italic
· Antikor Family mn Regular
· Antikor Family mn Regular Italic
· Antikor Family mn News
· Antikor Family mn News Italic
· Antikor Family mn Medium
· Antikor Family mn Medium Italic
· Antikor Family mn Semi Bold
· Antikor Family mn Semibold Italic
· Antikor Family mn Bold
· Antikor Family mn Bold Italic
· Antikor Family mn Extra Bold
· Antikor Family mn Extra Bold Italic
· Antikor Family ds Hairline
· Antikor Family ds Thin
· Antikor Family ds Extra Light
· Antikor Family ds Light
· Antikor Family ds Book
· Antikor Family ds Regular
· Antikor Family ds News
· Antikor Family ds Medium
· Antikor Family ds Semi Bold
· Antikor Family ds Bold
· Antikor Family ds Extra Bold

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