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Arabetics Latte Font

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Arabetics LatteDesigner: Saad Abulhab
Publisher: Arabetics
Arabetics Latte was developed by Saad Abulhab and published by Arabetics. Arabetics Latte contains 6 designs and family package choices. p > Arabetics Latte is a Latin Serif typeface with a thorough assistance for the Arabetic scripts, including Quranic texts.

While its seemingly-idiosyncratic Latin design removes the extreme usage of serifs and offsets the visual impacts of a number of geometrically-intense glyphs, its Times Romanesque proportions offers a full nod to the starts of Latin types and produces a general steady look-and-feel of a classical Serif design, making it suitable for both text and display screen applications. Liberal spacing is maintained throughout to match that of the Arabic text and is additional supplemented by a mindful application of a typical Latin kerning. The total style of this font, consisting of metrics and measurements, was intended to make its Latin balance well with the majority of other Arabetics foundry fonts. Arabetics Latte totally supports MS 1252 Western and 1256 Arabic code pages, in addition to all the transliteration characters needed by the ALA-LC Romanization tables. Users can either pick an accented character directly or form it by keying the preferred combining diacritic mark following an unaccented character.

For Arabic, it fully supports Unicode 6.1, and the most recent Arabic Supplement and Extended-A Unicode obstructs. The Arabic style of this font style household follows the Mutamathil Taqlidi design style with connected glyphs, stressing vertical strokes to bring included consistency, and using somewhat varying x-heights to match that discovered in Latin. The Mutamathil Taqlidi type style uses one glyph for each fundamental Arabic Unicode character or letter, as defined by the Unicode Standards, and one additional final kind glyph, for each freely-connecting letter of the Arabic cursive text. Arabetics Latte includes the required Lam-Alif ligatures in addition to all vowel diacritic ligatures. Soft-vowel diacritic marks (harakat) are selectively placed with many of them appearing on similar high and low levels-top left corner-, to clearly identify them from the letters. Tatweel is a zero-width glyph. Keying the tatweel secret (shft-j) before Alif-Lam-Lam-Ha will show the Allah ligature. Arabetics Latte consists of both Arabic and Arabic-Indic characters, in addition to generous number of punctuation and mathematical symbols.

Available in both OpenType and TrueType formats, it consists of two weights, routine and vibrant, each has typical, Italic, and left-slanted styles.

Font Family:
· Arabetics Latte
· Arabetics Latte Italic
· Arabetics Latte Slant
· Arabetics Latte Bold
· Arabetics Latte Bold Italic
· Arabetics Latte Slant Bold

Tags: ala-lc, arabic, extended, latin, oblique, persian, quran, romanization, simplified, stanted, transliteration, urdu

Arabetics Latte Font Preview

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