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ARB 44 Chicago Modern Font

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ARB 44 Chicago ModernPublisher: The Fontry
ARB 44 Chicago Modern is a retro, display sans and art deco font style family. This typeface has 8 designs and was published by The Fontry.

Want to construct beauty and elegance into a font? First, begin with a narrow position. That's always a strong start. Second, want to the past for inspiration. But what if you blend in tips of deco and gently sweeping curves and arches and heavily contrasting thicks and thins? Well, that suggests it's August, 1935 all over once again, and "SIGNS of the Times" magazine by ST Publications has actually just launched its 44th alphabet by master indication painter, Alf R. Becker.

Beginning in January, 1932, Alf R. Becker of St. Louis Missouri, at the demand of then-editor E. Thomas Kelly, provided "SIGNS of the Times" publication's new Art and Design area with an alphabet a month, a project initially predicted to last only two years. Misjuding the popularity of the "series," it rather ran for 27 years, ending lastly 2 months before Becker's death in 1959, for a grand total of 320 alphabets, a nearly perfect, undisturbed run. In late 1941, just 10 years after the very first alphabet was published, 100 of those alphabets were put together and published in bookform under the title, "100 Alphabets," by Alf R. Becker.

As released in August, 1935, this is the description that accompanied Becker's 44th alphabet, Chicago Modern Thick and Thin:


This is Chicago Modern Thick-and-Thin, alphabet No. 44 in Alf R. Becker's SIGNS of the Times series. It is among those designs in which stimulates are to be avoided, and in which the letter height must be two times as excellent as the typical width.


Many font style designers have tackled converting Becker's unbelievable achievement from paper to digital, and lots of claim to treat his deal with care and self-respect. However the Fontry's Becker typefaces remain the most historically accurate and viable treatments available, showing up in two industry-satisfying variations: CAS (Computer-Aided Signmaking) and DTP (Desktop Publishing). And similar to all Fontry fonts, the kerning is not optional—— it's extraordinary-!!!


ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 is simply among four font households in ARB Pak # 1. Purchase this font individually, or start collecting them all now and save cash on our special package rates, since more Becker typefaces are on the way!

.Font Family:
· ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 CA Regular
· ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 DT Regular
· ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 CA Italic
· ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 DT Italic
· ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 CA Bold
· ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 DT Regular
· ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 CA Bold Italic
· ARB 44 Chicago Modern AUG-35 DT Italic

ARB 44 Chicago Modern Font Preview
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