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Artegra Sans Font

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Artegra SansDesigner: Ceyhun Birinci
Publisher: Artegra
Created by Ceyhun Birinci, Artegra Sans is a sans serif font household. This typeface has fifty-four styles and was released by Artegra. For different SC and Alt variations of each font please contact us.

Artegra Sans was developed in between 2014 - 2017 by the Turkish type designer Ceyhun Birinci. All begun with the concept of making one of the most extensive typeface households in the world, while keeping leading quality in style. Artegra Sans does precisely that, using quality in amount in an overall of 54 weights.

For more in-depth details you can download the Purchaser's Guide and Compendium PDFs from the security section. And if you want even more examples of all the excellent ways Artegra Sans is utilized, take a look at this video.

Font Family:
· Artegra Sans Thin
· Artegra Sans Thin Italic
· Artegra Sans ExtraLight
· Artegra Sans ExtraLight Italic
· Artegra Sans Light
· Artegra Sans Light Italic
· Artegra Sans Regular
· Artegra Sans Regular Italic
· Artegra Sans Medium
· Artegra Sans Medium Italic
· Artegra Sans SemiBold
· Artegra Sans SemiBold Italic
· Artegra Sans Bold
· Artegra Sans Bold Italic
· Artegra Sans ExtraBold
· Artegra Sans ExtraBold Italic
· Artegra Sans Black
· Artegra Sans Black Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed Thin
· Artegra Sans Condensed Thin Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed ExtraLight
· Artegra Sans Condensed ExtraLight Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed Light
· Artegra Sans Condensed Light Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed Regular
· Artegra Sans Condensed Regular Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed Medium
· Artegra Sans Condensed Medium Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed SemiBold
· Artegra Sans Condensed SemiBold Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed Bold
· Artegra Sans Condensed Bold Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed ExtraBold
· Artegra Sans Condensed ExtraBold Italic
· Artegra Sans Condensed Black
· Artegra Sans Condensed Black Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended Thin
· Artegra Sans Extended Thin Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended ExtraLight
· Artegra Sans Extended ExtraLight Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended Light
· Artegra Sans Extended Light Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended Regular
· Artegra Sans Extended Regular Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended Medium
· Artegra Sans Extended Medium Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended SemiBold
· Artegra Sans Extended SemiBold Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended Bold
· Artegra Sans Extended Bold Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended ExtraBold
· Artegra Sans Extended ExtraBold Italic
· Artegra Sans Extended Black
· Artegra Sans Extended Black Italic

Artegra Sans Font Preview
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