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Arzachel Font

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ArzachelDesigner: Riccardo Olocco
Publisher: CAST
Arzachel was created by Riccardo Olocco and released by CAST. Arzachel consists of 8 designs and family package alternatives. p > Arzachel is a humanistic sanserif with a big x-height and a particular organic look. Its style is scientifically sharp and effective in small type sizes in addition to rugged and remarkable in headlines.

Arzachel's important sensation comes from numerous functions: all the letters are a little sloped, stem terminations are flared at the top, and the terminals in letters a, c, e, f. are widening with the within parts completely flat. The stroke contrast is low in the regular weight while it increases in the black; finally the capitals have an inscriptional taste. Despite being a sanserif (hence a product of recent typography) Arzachel's roots extend back to the Renaissance custom: Olocco took inspiration from a few of the early and rather odd types cut in Venice in the 15th century.

Arzachel was developed during Olocco's MA in Reading to supply a buddy for his Zenon for usage in little type sizes. However instead of expanding the Zenon family with optical sizes, the designer selected a sans with its own character rather than a sanserif version of Zenon with chopped-off serifs.

Font Family:
· Arzachel
· Arzachel Italic
· Arzachel Medium
· Arzachel Medium Italic
· Arzachel Bold
· Arzachel Bold Italic
· Arzachel Black
· Arzachel Black Italic

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