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ATF Alternate Gothic Font

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ATF Alternate GothicDesigners: Morris Benton, Mark van Bronkhorst, Alan Dague-Greene, David Sudweeks, Igino Marini, Ben Kiel
Publisher: ATF Collection
ATF Alternate Gothic was developed by Morris Benton, Mark van Bronkhorst, Alan Dague-Greene, David Sudweeks, Igino Marini, Ben Kiel and released by ATF Collection. ATF Alternate Gothic consists of 40 designs and family plan alternatives. p > ATF Alternate Gothic is a new, substantial digital growth of Morris Fuller Benton's timeless 1903 type design. Originally offered in one strong weight, the metal typeface can be found in 3 somewhat various widths for versatility in copy-fitting layouts.

ATF Alternate Gothic has effect at any size. Its letterforms are quickly familiar: Benton's initial metal type household was utilized throughout the 20th century in newspapers, publications, and marketing, providing "strong and effective display screen" in a compact space. Monotype provided its own metal variation for device typesetting, and Alternate Gothic most likely worked as motivation for Linotype's ubiquitous Trade Gothic ® Vibrant and Strong Condensed. ATF Alternate Gothic expands on the characteristics that perhaps made Trade Gothic so popular, providing a wider variety of weights and widths to resolve the requirements these days's designers and technologies.

The space-saving clarity of ATF Alternate Gothic brings readability to the world of marketing typefaces. With its finely graded variety of ten weights, with four widths of each weight (40 typefaces overall), this comprehensive type family can be used to pack a lot into a narrow space, and the range makes it easy to develop variations of an ad or announcement for various formats and media.

The tall x-height and narrow percentages, combined with a reasonably low waist and springy, tension-filled kinds, make ATF Alternate Gothic strong and effective in display. All ten weights have been carefully spaced for readability, caps and lowercase work well together, while attention-grabbing all-caps settings are clear and never crowded, no matter how narrow.

Font Family:
· Alternate Gothic ATF Thin
· Alternate Gothic ATF Light
· Alternate Gothic ATF SemiLight
· Alternate Gothic ATF Book
· Alternate Gothic ATF
· Alternate Gothic ATF Med
· Alternate Gothic ATF Demi
· Alternate Gothic ATF Bold
· Alternate Gothic ATF Heavy
· Alternate Gothic ATF Black
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF Thin
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF Light
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF SemiLight
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF Book
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF Med
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF Demi
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF Bold
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF Heavy
· Alternate Gothic Comp ATF Black
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF Thin
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF Light
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF Book
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF SemiLight
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF Med
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF Demi
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF Bold
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF Heavy
· Alternate Gothic ExtraCond ATF Black
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Thin
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Light
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF SemiLight
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Book
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Med
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Demi
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Bold
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Heavy
· Alternate Gothic Cond ATF Black

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ATF Alternate Gothic Font Preview

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