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Auberge Script Font

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Auberge ScriptDesigner: Alejandro Paul
Publisher: Sudtipos
Designed by Alejandro Paul, Auberge Script is a script typeface published by Sudtipos.

It took me a long time, however I believe I now comprehend why people of my generation and older feel the need to frame present events in a historic context or precedents, while most of the young couldn't care less about what took place 10 years earlier, let alone centuries back. After living for a few decades, you get to a point when time seems to be moving rather quickly, and it's humbling to see that your entire presence so far can be summarized in a paragraph or 2 which might or might not work to whoever winds up reading the stuff anyways. I suppose one way to handle the serenity of aging is trying to encourage yourself that your life and work are truly an extension of millenia of a types making every effort to accept, adjust to, and improve the human condition through advancing the many elements of civilization—— basically making things more reasonable and comfortable for ourselves and each other while we set about doing whatever it is we are trying to do. And when you do finally persuade yourself of that, history ends up being a source of much solace and even a little premonition, so you wind up investing more time there.

Going far back into the history of what I do, one can easily see that for the most part it was ruled by the quill. Western civilization's writing was made with quill pens for more than thirteen centuries and with more recent instruments for about two. By the mid-18th century, the height of the quill experience, numerous calligraphy techniques could be determined and writing styles were set up in unique classifications. There are many old books that showcase the history of everything. I advise taking a look at some whenever the urge comes calling and you have to get away from backlit worlds.

Multiple sources typically assist me get a better viewpoint on the variety of a particular script genre, so numerous books worked as recommendation to this quill font of mine. Late 17th century French and Spanish expert calligraphy guides were excellent assistants in comprehending the decorative scope of what the scribes were doing back then. The French books, with their provings of the Ronde, Bâtarde and Coulée alphabets, were the ones I referenced the many. So I chose to call the font Auberge, a French word for hotel or inn, due to the fact that I truly felt like a guest in different French places (and times) when I going through all that stuff.

Because it is multi-sourced, Auberge does not strictly fit in a distinct quill pen classification. Rather, it shows strong hints of both Bâtarde and Coulée alphabets. And like the majority of my font styles, it is a workout in going overboard with alternates, swashes, and ornamental devices. Having actually dealt with it for a while, I discover it most appropriate for screen calligraphic setting in general, but it works specifically well for things like white wine labels and occasion invitations. It likewise shines in the original quill pen application function, which obviously was stationery. Likewise, as it simply struck me, if you discover yourself in a circumstance where you need to describe your whole life in 50 words or less, you might as well make it look great and swashy, so Auberge would most likely be a good fit there as well.

This is one quill script that no big bird had to die for.

A couple of technical notes

The Auberge Script Pro variation consists of 1800 glyphs, whatever is included there. Also latin language assistance. We suggest you to use the most current design application to have full access to alternates, swashes, little caps, accessories, etc. The images from the gallery utilizes this variation. For better results use the font styles with "liga" function on.


During 2014 the early establish of Auberge Script was selected to be part of Tipos Latinos, the most essential type exhibit in South America.

Font Family: Auberge Script Pro Regular

Auberge Script Font Preview
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