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BaBa Rounded Font

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BaBa RoundedDesigner: Naghi Naghashian
Publisher: Naghi Naghachian
BaBa Rounded was developed by Naghi Naghashian and released by Naghi Naghachian. BaBa Rounded consists of 3 designs and family package choices. p > BaBa Rounded is a sans-serif font style family developed by Naghi Naghashian in 3 weights. BaBa Rounded Light, Baba Rounded Routine and Baba Rounded Strong. This font style household is a contribution to modernisation of Arabic typography, gives the font style of Arabic letters real typographic plan und provides more typographic flexibility. BaBa Rounded supports Arabic, Persian (Farsi) and Urdu.

It likewise includes proportional and tabular characters for the supported languages.

BaBa Rounded style fulfills the following requirements:

A Explicitly crafted for use in electronic media fulfills the needs of electronic interaction.

B Suitability for multiple applications. Offers the widest potential acceptability.

C Extreme legibility not only in little sizes, but likewise when the type is filtered or skewed, e.g., in Photoshop or Illustrator. BaBa Rounded's streamlined types might be synthetic oblilqued in InDesign or Illustrator, with no loss in quality for the effected text.

D An appealing typographic image. BaBa Rounded was established for several languages and writing conventions. BaBa Rounded supports Arabic, Persian( Farsi) and Urdu. It also consists of proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages.

E The highest degree of calligraphic grace and the clarity of geometric typography.

Font Family:
· Baba Rounded Light
· BaBa Rounded Regular
· BaBa Rounded Bold

Tags: arabic abd farsi sans serif, arabic farsi urdu, arabic sans serif, graceful, modern arabic, modern arabic and modern persian(farsi), persian, urdu

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