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Babetta Font

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BabettaPublisher: Viktor Nübel
Babetta is a screen sans font household. This typeface has 8 styles and was published by Viktor Nübel.

Babetta is an uppercase screen typeface that features some decorative typographical features. Alongside a set of arrows and flower icons, it likewise consists of an alternative' E ', some unique diacritic marks, a wavy' S 'and a series of ligatures. It features 5 weights, an unique' Neon 'version and supports a broad range of Latin languages. This typographical tool box provides a large and lively variety of choices for headings and logotypes.

The initial motivation for Babetta was a brightened vintage shop sign-- that of a popular book shop in Berlin called Karl-Marx-Buchhandlung that dates back to the days of East Germany. Throughout the course of the style procedure, this a little shoddy historical original was kissed by an Italian Art Deco beauty and has actually progressed into a brand-new typeface with its own unique charm. The objective was not to protect the original lettering, however to use it as a starting point for typographical exploration.

Font Family:
· Babetta Thin
· Babetta Light
· Babetta Regular
· Babetta Medium
· Babetta Bold
· Babetta Neon Tube
· Babetta Neon
· Babetta Neon Case

Babetta Font Preview
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