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Backstroke Font

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BackstrokeDesigner: Dave Rowland
Publisher: Schizotype Fonts
Developed by Dave Rowland, Backstroke is a brush script font style published by Schizotype Fonts.

Normal and upright italic script fonts line a well-trodden path; left-leaning font styles (or "rightalics" as they're confusingly called), on the other hand, are a rarity. Here at Schizotype Fonts we do not like to do things too conventionally, so here's Backstroke, a laid back script with a distinct voice.

With contextual alternates for start and end types of specific characters, swash variations of L, Q and Z (definitely the most secondhand preliminary caps!), and a handful of stylistic sets, Backstroke is a restrained script. Stylistic sets are:
1. the start kinds of i, j, m, n, and p are utilized constantly rather of only at word starts.
2. lower case ascenders get an entire lot loopier.
3. alternate versions of G, N and Y.
4. swash L, Q and Z.
5. swaps the default Polish script lslash for a more familiar version


While fonts that lean the incorrect method might be a bit harder to suit your layouts than dull old regular italics, they will reward you with their individuality. Why not give it a go?

.Font Family: Backstroke Regular

Backstroke Font Preview
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