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Base Bloom Font

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Base  BloomDesigner: Peter Bushuev
Publisher: NaumType
Base & & Bloom was designed by Peter Bushuev and released by NaumType. Base & & Bloom contains 1 style. p > Base & & Blossom is a speculative (however relatively natural) fusion of geometric monoline sans and high-contrast grow didone.

It was influenced by the lack of curious modern-day screen sans rather than the uprise of contemporary serifs past couple of years.

The concept was to integrate flourishes not as unneeded elements like swashes, but as a part of letter structure, which was an especially fascinating job considering it was not a serif, which potentially could provide more space for that. And after all, the concept pays off by creating lots of innovative letterform solutions.

Base & & Blossom has alternates for each letter (approximately 11) so you can make unlimited mixes to find the ideal look.

It is a strong choice for posters, album covers, identity and packaging, headlines, oversize typography, and editorial design.

Font Family: Base & Bloom Regular

Tags: advertising, all-caps, all capitals, all caps, allcaps, alternates, art deco, avant garde, beautiful, beauty, bizarre, bodoni, bold, brand, branding, brutalism, calligraphic, calligraphy, clever, conceptual, contemporary, crazy, creative, deconstruct, deconstructed, deconstructive, decoration, decorative, design, didone, didot, display, editorial, editorial design, elegant, expanded, experimental, fancy, fashion, feminine, flourish, flower, futura, futurism, futuristic, games, geometric, german, gothic, graphic design, grotesk, grotesque, haute-couture, haute couture, headline, headlines, hieroglyphic, high contrast, hipster, humanist, intricate, irregular, large eye, legible, logotype, magazine, metamodern, model, modern, narrow, neo-grotesk, novel, opentype, original, ornament, packaging, post-modern, poster, postmodern, random, sans, sans-serif, semi-serif, sign, slim, static, stylish, swash, swashes, symbol, synthetic, tattoo, thin, tittle, trend, trendy, trippy, unicase, unique, wide, zine

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