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Beaufort Font

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BeaufortDesigner: Nick Shinn
Publisher: Shinntype
Beaufort was created by Nick Shinn and released by Shinntype. Beaufort consists of 10 styles and family plan options. p >

This type is practically a sans serif. It has legibility proportions, and a large, beneficial family with specifically adjusted condensed and prolonged sub-families.

Compared with type set by older technologies, PostScript type, imageset and printed by high-resolution offset lithography, has an exceptional clarity - at any size. While many types, old and new, benefit from this level of meaning, couple of designs specifically exploit it. Beaufort does. Its pointed serifs present a sharpness of reproduction that was tough to attain, at any size, prior to PostScript. This implies that small sizes of Beaufort will combine a high word count with great legibility, while big sizes will constantly display really great information. Optical scaling is not required.

In design, Beaufort has a variety of affinities. In particular, the bold romans recall a sort of "grotesque with little serifs" style popular with indication painters and plan lettering artists in the early 20th century, and still going strong. In percentage, the basic Beaufort is in the vein of the traditional oldstyle types that come down from


, by means of the French Oldstyles, or Elzevirs, to




in the early twentieth century. Developed for optimum clarity, readibility, and word count, these types have a pronounced angle of stress in the lower case, which is rather large and relatively narrow in relation to the caps. None of the caps are incredibly narrow, and both cases have an evenness of width that produces a no-nonsense, orthodox look. The strength of the capitals distinguishes these types from those of another "enhancing" period, the 1970s and '80s, when puny caps made for boring text. Nevertheless, strong though they may be, Beaufort's caps are not as obtrusive in text as those of Times or Plantin.

Font Family:
· Beaufort Pro Light
· Beaufort Pro Light Italic
· Beaufort Pro
· Beaufort Pro Italic
· Beaufort Pro Medium
· Beaufort Pro Medium Italic
· Beaufort Pro Bold
· Beaufort Pro Bold Italic
· Beaufort Pro Heavy
· Beaufort Pro Heavy Italic

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Beaufort Font Preview

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