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Belda Font

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BeldaDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne
Belda was created by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne. Belda contains 54 styles and household plan choices. p > Action into the beauty of Belda's sophisticated form and discover the richness streaming from both its historic influence and its strong aspects. At its heart, Belda's graceful style embodies the classical calligraphy of the Roman capital, best understood from such Roman monoliths as Trajan's Column. To decrease the possibility for mistake, the builders of these defining structures brushed their templates onto the marble before taking their very first cuts from the pricey stone.

These simple strokes now mark a simple however terrific course full of life and secret. Beyond a copy of the past, Belda has grown from its roots to offer a brave, brand-new world of capacity through its still-simple structure.

The brand-new design highly contrasts density and stroke. Its delicate shape, curves and sharp serifs offer a distinct design of consistency and appeal. The resulting balance? The lighter weight design stays subtle and classy, while the combination in its bolder counterparts provides an extreme appeal and shimmer, pulling the reader's eye to the font style's captivating features.

A quick look beyond its surface of standard kinds also reveals Belda has more layers to discover with OpenType little capitals, entitling capitals and more.

With a wealth of weights and numerous widths beside, the typeface can acting as both text and titling. While especially strong as a movie title or poster font style, it's also great for book jackets, advertising, and packaging. So start your journey with Belda. The possibilities to check out on this path are almost endless.

Production assistance from Lucas Azevedo and ikern.

Font Family:
· Belda Norm Thin
· Belda Norm Thin Italic
· Belda Norm Light
· Belda Norm Light Italic
· Belda Norm Book
· Belda Norm Book Italic
· Belda Norm Regular
· Belda Norm Regular Italic
· Belda Norm Medium
· Belda Norm Medium Italic
· Belda Norm Demi
· Belda Norm Demi Italic
· Belda Norm Bold
· Belda Norm Bold Italic
· Belda Norm Extra Bold
· Belda Norm Extra Bold Italic
· Belda Norm Black
· Belda Norm Black Italic
· Belda Cond Thin
· Belda Cond Thin Italic
· Belda Cond Light
· Belda Cond Light Italic
· Belda Cond Book
· Belda Cond Book Italic
· Belda Cond Regular
· Belda Cond Regular Italic
· Belda Cond Medium
· Belda Cond Medium Italic
· Belda Cond Demi
· Belda Cond Demi Italic
· Belda Cond Bold
· Belda Cond Bold Italic
· Belda Cond Extra Bold
· Belda Cond Extra Bold Italic
· Belda Cond Black
· Belda Cond Black Italic
· Belda Ext Thin
· Belda Ext Thin Italic
· Belda Ext Light
· Belda Ext Light Italic
· Belda Ext Book
· Belda Ext Book Italic
· Belda Ext Regular
· Belda Ext Regular Italic
· Belda Ext Medium
· Belda Ext Medium Italic
· Belda Ext Demi
· Belda Ext Demi Italic
· Belda Ext Bold
· Belda Ext Bold Italic
· Belda Ext Extra Bold
· Belda Ext Extra Bold Italic
· Belda Ext Black
· Belda Ext Black Italic

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