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Birthday Pro Font

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Birthday ProPublisher: Canada Type
Birthday Pro is a script font style published by Canada Type.

What do you imagine the ideal casual invitation font style would appear like? It has to be pleasant, inviting, readable, innovative, and loads of enjoyable. However first and foremost, it needs to look like genuine handwriting. Font styles appearing like real handwriting are always a significant task, and although Canada Type already has plenty of fonts that fix the "looks like handwriting" concern in a range of ways, we're as soon as again raising the bar a little bit higher with this one.

Birthday is a huge package that crosses the traditional font/handwriting option of 2-letter ligatures and waltzes into the land of 3-letter combinations. A lot of them, too! The complete Postscript and True Type variations of Birthday ship with no less than 5 different font styles full of absolutely nothing but ligatures. And for much more realism, an alternates typeface is also included in the plan, for an overall of 7 fonts of delighted handwriting that can be utilized anywhere and all over personalization is of value to a layout.

For layout artists with advanced typography tools that make the most of the power of OpenType, Birthday Pro is a wunderkind. All the individual letter alternates are available through the Stylistic Alternates function, the 2-letter ligatures through the basic Ligatures include, and the 3-letter ligatures by means of the Discretionary Ligatures function (for the technically inclined: this includes a nice liga-to-dlig crossover, where the optimum number of possible ligated letters is instantly picked at the push of a button).


If you enjoy utilizing OpenType, Birthday Pro is certainly for you. If on the other hand you like your font styles in Postsript or True Type, it is recommended to keep a character map handy while utilizing Birthday. You will need it to make the most of the many, lots of alternates and ligatures dispersed over the fonts.


The next time somebody asks you for the perfect casual invite font is, look no more. And as normally is with Canada Type, quality font styles are more affordable than ever.

.Font Family: Birthday Pro Regular

Birthday Pro Font Preview
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