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Bitcrusher Font

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BitcrusherDesigner: Ray Larabie
Publisher: Typodermic Fonts Inc.
Designed by Ray Larabie, Bitcrusher is a display screen sans font household. This typeface has twenty designs and was released by Typodermic Fonts Inc.

Bitcrusher is an advanced, ultra-compact sans-serif typeface affected by modern car style and customer electronic devices. It was designed for optimum compression, allowing you to fit more words in a line than techno typefaces generally enable. Bitcrusher is readily available in 5 weights an 4 widths. Condensed is pretty tight. Compressed is at the typical typeface compression limitation. Crammed is uncommonly compact. Crushed is ludicrously concentrated. Bitcrusher includes a stem, space and space consistency which allows you to break the usual scaling and tracking rules. Do you want thicker stems? Take a narrower width and scale it broader. Want to go tighter than squashed? Scale it even narrower. You can't break it. Mathematical symbols, portions, numerical ordinals and financial signs are in good supply. Almost all present Latin based languages are supported, including Vietnamese, Cyrillic languages and Greek. The business use desktop license for Bitcrusher Condensed Vibrant is free.

Font Family:
· Bitcrusher Condensed Extra Light
· Bitcrusher Condensed Light
· Bitcrusher Condensed Regular
· Bitcrusher Condensed Bold
· Bitcrusher Condensed Heavy
· Bitcrusher Compressed Extra Light
· Bitcrusher Compressed Light
· Bitcrusher Compressed Regular
· Bitcrusher Compressed Bold
· Bitcrusher Compressed Heavy
· Bitcrusher Crammed Extra Light
· Bitcrusher Crammed Light
· Bitcrusher Crammed Regular
· Bitcrusher Crammed Bold
· Bitcrusher Crammed Heavy
· Bitcrusher Crushed Extra Light
· Bitcrusher Crushed Light
· Bitcrusher Crushed Regular
· Bitcrusher Crushed Bold
· Bitcrusher Crushed Heavy

Bitcrusher Font Preview
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