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Bitcrusher Font

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BitcrusherDesigner: Ray Larabie
Publisher: Typodermic
Bitcrusher was developed by Ray Larabie and released by Typodermic. Bitcrusher consists of 20 styles and family package choices. p > Bitcrusher is an ultramodern, ultra-compact sans-serif typeface affected by modern lorry style and consumer electronics. It was designed for maximum compression, enabling you to fit more words in a line than techno typefaces normally enable. Bitcrusher is offered in 5 weights an 4 widths. Condensed is quite tight. Compressed is at the normal typeface compression limit. Crammed is uncommonly compact. Squashed is ludicrously focused. Bitcrusher features a stem, space and space consistency which permits you to break the normal scaling and tracking rules. Do you desire thicker stems? Take a narrower width and scale it wider. Wish to go tighter than crushed? Scale it even narrower. You can't break it. Mathematical signs, portions, numerical ordinals and financial symbols are in excellent supply. Nearly all current Latin based languages are supported, consisting of Vietnamese, Cyrillic languages and Greek. The industrial use desktop license for Bitcrusher Condensed Strong is free.

Font Family:
· Bitcrusher Condensed Extra Light
· Bitcrusher Condensed Light
· Bitcrusher Condensed Regular
· Bitcrusher Condensed Bold
· Bitcrusher Condensed Heavy
· Bitcrusher Compressed Extra Light
· Bitcrusher Compressed Light
· Bitcrusher Compressed Regular
· Bitcrusher Compressed Bold
· Bitcrusher Compressed Heavy
· Bitcrusher Crammed Extra Light
· Bitcrusher Crammed Light
· Bitcrusher Crammed Regular
· Bitcrusher Crammed Bold
· Bitcrusher Crammed Heavy
· Bitcrusher Crushed Extra Light
· Bitcrusher Crushed Light
· Bitcrusher Crushed Regular
· Bitcrusher Crushed Bold
· Bitcrusher Crushed Heavy

Tags: compact, compressed, cyrillic, greek, square, squeezed, techno, ultracompact
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