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Biwa Stencil Display Font

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Biwa Stencil DisplayPublisher: Wordshape
Biwa Stencil Display is a stencil font household. This typeface has 6 styles and was released by Wordshape.

Biwa Stencil Show is developed for large display screen work-- each weight includes 3 variations with different corner radii. The High version has tight corner radii, the Mid variation has medium-sized radii, and the Low version is more round. Each is ideal for type at various scales & & treatments.

Biwa Stencil Display supports a wide range of languages consisting of Vietnamese (Biwa nói tiếng Việt) and most Central, Western and Eastern European languages.

Biwa Stencil Show sets immaculately with our typeface households Biwa and Biwa Display, extending the possibilities of what you can do in concerns to typographic tone, tone, and expression.

Each weight is designed to be extremely understandable in print and on-screen. Lovingly spaced and kerned, the Biwa Stencil Display family works equally well for text typesetting and for screen design work.

The entire family has been carefully kerned and spaced for readability on-screen and in print.

Font Family:
· Biwa Stencil Display Stencil Display Low
· Biwa Stencil Display Stencil Display Mid
· Biwa Stencil Display Stencil Display High
· Biwa Stencil Display Black Stencil Display Low
· Biwa Stencil Display Black Stencil Display Mid
· Biwa Stencil Display Black Stencil Display High

Biwa Stencil Display Font Preview
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