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BK Claymore Font

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BK ClaymoreDesigner: Borislav Korablev
Publisher: Borislav Korablev
BK Claymore was designed by Borislav Korablev and published by Borislav Korablev. BK Claymore contains 12 styles and family package options. The font is currently #41 in Hot New Fonts. p>PHTMLClaymore is an ultra-condensed variable display typeface mainly created for expressive and decorative purposes. Enriched with a wide list of alternates and ligatures which cover a huge range of letter combinations, Claymore can become a powerful weapon to those, who want to make their typographic accents in design bright and unique. PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLTwo types of font files are presented to your attention. Check the font names.PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTML 1. Basic. Claymore Regular, Oblique, Regular Hollow, Oblique Hollow, Variable, Variable Hollow.PCHTMLPHTML PCHTMLUppercase glyphs only338 Glyphs including 60 alternatesLatin, Latin Extended, and Cyrillic alphabetsTwo variable fonts to customize height and slant.PHTMLPCHTMLPHTML 2. Basic + Ligatures. Claymore Ligatures Regular, Ligatures Oblique, Ligatures Regular Hollow, Ligatures PCHTMLPHTML Oblique Hollow, Variable Ligatures, Variable Ligatures Hollow.PCHTMLPHTML PCHTMLUppercase glyphs only338 Glyphs including 60 alternates1054 Ligatures total value (527 unique as they are doubled to be uppercase and lowercase). Latin, Latin Extended, and Cyrillic alphabetsTwo variable fonts to customize height and slant.PHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLAdvice on ligatures usage.PCHTMLPHTMLLigatures work properly only with uppercase or lowercase typing like UTU or utu.PCHTMLPHTMLCombination of uppercase and lowercase letters like uTu or UtU will not be considered as ligature.PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLEnjoy using! PCHTML

Font Family:
· BK Claymore Regular
· BK Claymore Oblique
· BK Claymore Ligatures Regular
· BK Claymore Ligatures Oblique
· BK Claymore Regular Hollow
· BK Claymore Oblique Hollow
· BK Claymore Ligatures Regular Hollow
· BK Claymore Ligatures Oblique Hollow
· BK Claymore Variable
· BK Claymore Variable Ligatures
· BK Claymore Variable Hollow
· BK Claymore Variable Ligatures Hollow

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