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Bodrum Sans Font

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Bodrum SansDesigner: Bülent Yüksel
Publisher: Bülent Yüksel
Bodrum Sans was developed by Bülent Yüksel and released by Bülent Yüksel. Bodrum Sans consists of 20 designs and family plan choices. p > You can download usiful link: Bodrum Sans PDF Type Specimen

Bodrum Sans is a sans serif type household. Created by Bülent Yüksel in 2018/19. The font, affected by design serifs, popular in the 1920s and 30s, is based upon optically fixed geometric types for better readability.

Bodrum Sans is not purely geometric; it has vertical strokes that are thicker than the horizontals, an "o" that is not a perfect circle, and shortened ascenders. These nuances aid in legibility and give Bodrum Sans a harmonious and reasonable look for both texts and headlines.

Bodrum Sans offers innovative typographical assistance for Latin-based languages. A prolonged character set, supporting Central, Western and Eastern European languages, rounds up the family.

The classification "Bodrum Sans 14 Routine" forms the main point. 'Bodrum Sans' is readily available in 10 weights (Hair, Thin, Extra-Light, Light, Routine, Meduim, Vibrant, Extra-Bold, Heavy and Black) and 10 matching italics. The household contains a set of 650+ characters.

Case-Sensitive Types, Classes and Features, Small Caps from Letter Cases, Portions, Superior, Inferior, Denominator, Numerator, Old Style Figures simply one touch simple in all graphic programs.

Bodrum Sans is the ideal font style for web use.

Font Family:
· Bodrum Sans 10 Hairline
· Bodrum Sans 10 Hairline Italic
· Bodrum Sans 11 Thin
· Bodrum Sans 11 Thin Italic
· Bodrum Sans 12 Extra Light
· Bodrum Sans 12 Extra Light Italic
· Bodrum Sans 13 Light
· Bodrum Sans 13 Light Italic
· Bodrum Sans 14 Regular
· Bodrum Sans 14 Regular Italic
· Bodrum Sans 15 Medium
· Bodrum Sans 15 Medium Italic
· Bodrum Sans 16 Bold
· Bodrum Sans 16 Bold Italic
· Bodrum Sans 17 Extra Bold
· Bodrum Sans 17 Extra Bold Italic
· Bodrum Sans 18 Heavy
· Bodrum Sans 18 Heavy Italic
· Bodrum Sans 19 Black
· Bodrum Sans 19 Black Italic

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