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Body Font

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BodyDesigners: Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli
Publisher: Zetafonts
Created by Cosimo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli, Body is a sans serif typeface household. This typeface has sixty-four designs and was published by Zetafonts.

Body is a type household developed for Zetafonts by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini with Andrea Tartarelli. Conceived as a contemporary option to modernist superfamilies like Univers or Helvetica, Body attempts to maximize text readability while providing a wide variety of alternatives for the designer. It can be found in two versions (Body Text and Body Grotesque), each in 4 widths and four weights: routine and bold for standard typesetting, light and extrabold for display use.

Body Grotesque uses to the sans serif modernist skeleton little imperfections and peculiarities influenced by our research study in early 20th century type specimens. Curves are a little more calligraphic and a light inverted contrast is applied to vibrant weights, offering the typeface a slight vintage look in display use.
Body Text, on the contrary, challenges the modernist looks maximizing horizontal lines and utilizing open terminals for letters like "s" and "a" that appear typically dark in modernist grotesques.

For both versions, the normal width family is somewhat condensed in an effort to optimize area use; the Slim width is attended to extremely thick texts or side notes while the Fit width is optimized for display screen use as in logos, headings or titles. The Large width manages to look classy in its lightweight while ending up being a valid heading or subtitle typeface in its extrabold weights.

All the 64 font styles in the Body superfamily consist of a total latin extended character set with small caps for over 70 languages, Russian cyrillic, open type positional numbers, stylist sets and alternate forms.

Font Family:
· Body Text Slim Light
· Body Text Slim Light Italic
· Body Text Slim Regular
· Body Text Slim Italic
· Body Text Slim Bold
· Body Text Slim Bold Italic
· Body Text Slim Extra Bold
· Body Text Slim Extra Bold Italic
· Body Text Light
· Body Text Light Italic
· Body Text Regular
· Body Text Italic
· Body Text Bold
· Body Text Bold Italic
· Body Text Extra Bold
· Body Text Extra Bold Italic
· Body Text Fit Light
· Body Text Fit Light Italic
· Body Text Fit Regular
· Body Text Fit Italic
· Body Text Fit Bold
· Body Text Fit Bold Italic
· Body Text Fit Extra Bold
· Body Text Fit Extra Bold Italic
· Body Text Large Light
· Body Text Large Light Italic
· Body Text Large Regular
· Body Text Large Italic
· Body Text Large Bold
· Body Text Large Bold Italic
· Body Text Large Extra Bold
· Body Text Large Extra Bold Italic
· Body Grotesque Slim Light
· Body Grotesque Slim Light Italic
· Body Grotesque Slim Regular
· Body Grotesque Slim Italic
· Body Grotesque Slim Bold
· Body Grotesque Slim Bold Italic
· Body Grotesque Slim Extra Bold
· Body Grotesque Slim Extra Bold Italic
· Body Grotesque Light
· Body Grotesque Light Italic
· Body Grotesque Regular
· Body Grotesque Italic
· Body Grotesque Bold
· Body Grotesque Bold Italic
· Body Grotesque Extra Bold
· Body Grotesque Extra Bold Italic
· Body Grotesque Fit Light
· Body Grotesque Fit Light Italic
· Body Grotesque Fit Regular
· Body Grotesque Fit Italic
· Body Grotesque Fit Bold
· Body Grotesque Fit Bold Italic
· Body Grotesque Fit Extra Bold
· Body Grotesque Fit Extra Bold Italic
· Body Grotesque Large Light
· Body Grotesque Large Light Italic
· Body Grotesque Large Regular
· Body Grotesque Large Italic
· Body Grotesque Large Bold
· Body Grotesque Large Bold Italic
· Body Grotesque Large Extra Bold
· Body Grotesque Large Extra Bold Italic

Body Font Preview
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