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Boul Mich Font

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Boul MichPublisher: Wordshape
Boul Mich is a retro and art deco typeface released by Wordshape.

The digital debut of Oz Cooper's "Moderne" Broadway-esque entitling typeface, Boul Mich!

1927 was a frustrating year for Oswald Bruce Cooper, having to commit his time to developing faddish screen typefaces based upon others' designs in lieu of really original work.
Though he sidestepped blame in his essay On Cooper Type Deals With, Barnhart Bros. & & Spindler's General Manager Richard N. McArthur was the one accountable for assigning Cooper busywork. McArthur put together a tasting of Broadway-esque hand lettering from various advertisements, suggesting a really specific incising treatment.

Cooper drew the fundamental types of the letters, leaving the bulk of the work to the pattern makers at BB&S, but provided the structure from which the typeface was drawn. The typeface was named Boul Mich, after Michigan
Boulevard, Chicago's mix of carriage trade shops, sophisticated residences, artists' studios, and Bohemian backstreet. While not a style of Cooper's picking, this modern typeface is a paean to the flexibility of Cooper's skill.

Cooper Initials are offered in their initial capital alphabet form in this digital version, with no supplementary characters.

The release of these 2 typefaces corresponds with the publication of the definitive Oswald Bruce Cooper biography by Ian Lynam, released in Japan's Idea Magazine (http://idea-mag.com/) concern # 339. Cooper's biography is provided in English and Japanese with many full-color illustrations of never-before-published work.

Boul Mich has actually been adoringly redrawn from Oswald Bruce Cooper's original illustrations and mechanical proofs. It is made up of a capital letter alphabet, full European character set, figures, and complete range of diacritics.

Font Family: Boul Mich Black

Boul Mich Font Preview
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