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Brillig Aire Font

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Brillig AirePublisher: Scholtz Fonts
Brillig Aire is a hand drawn typeface family. This typeface has 5 designs and was released by Scholtz Fonts.

Brillig is a loose and casual handwriting font. It can be found in 4 flavors, each of which has a really different feel.

Brillig Gimble: more official because the characters are interconnected as in cursive script. To even more boost this effect, the characters have actually been developed with a somewhat "blobby" pen which supplies an idea of precision.

Brillig Earth: is bold and strong. It is more "down-to-earth" than the other styles, nevertheless, the boldness is tempered with rather wispy ends (terminuses) to the characters. It conveys a suggestion of speed and strength.
Brillig Aire: is the most fragile and ethereal of the designs. Believe of fairies, dandelions and dragonflies and you have an idea of what Brillig Aire conveys. Not just are the characters really light in weight, but they terminate in a wispy, fragile end. In spite of all this, Brillig Aire is very legible and can be utilized in a range of contexts.

Brillig Brave: is rather like Gimble in its feel with one crucial difference—— the characters are not connected as in cursive script. Each character stands alone.

Brillig Line: is a clean, light-weight design utilizing a mono width line for a casual, handwritten feel.

There is a collection of the above 4 designs that is wonderfully priced and provides you the ability to utilize these 4 fonts in a variety of methods within the exact same document.

The font is especially useable for the promo of products intended at designers of:
wedding event invitations, party invitations, young clothes varieties, publications, cosmetic packaging.

It has been thoroughly letterspaced and kerned. All upper and lower case characters, punctuation, numerals and accented characters are present.

Font Family:
· Brillig Aire Regular
· Brillig Brave Regular
· Brillig Earth Regular
· Brillig Gimble Regular
· Brillig Line Regular

Brillig Aire Font Preview
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