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Broadside Font

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BroadsideDesigner: Rian Hughes
Publisher: Device
Designed by Rian Hughes, Broadside is a sans serif font household. This typeface has forty-two designs and was released by Device.

Broadside is a versatile, authoritative and functional family influenced by the sans serifs seen on '40s and '50s patriotic posters and duration advertising. It is offered in seven weights throughout condensed, typical and prolonged widths, each with reweighed italics.

The type from this period was really typically hand-drawn, and so varies significantly from poster to poster. Lots of American examples of this duration utilize a Photo-Lettering style called Murray Hill and its derivatives, although their UK counterparts, created by such luminaries as Abram Games or Tom Eckersley, are more stylistically diverse. Despite the fact that no single design is readily available to base a digitisation on, there are certain repeating stylistic peculiarities that offer the type its unique flavour, therefore the most fascinating examples from numerous sources were be combined for the last family.

Alternate brief descenders, permitting tighter line spacing, can be toggled on or off in the Opentype panel of Indesign or Illustrator.

Tabular and lining characters and a single-story 'a' are also readily available in all weights and styles.

Font Family:
· Broadside Thin
· Broadside Thin Italic
· Broadside Extra Light
· Broadside Extra Light Italic
· Broadside Light
· Broadside Light Italic
· Broadside Medium
· Broadside Medium Italic
· Broadside Demi Bold
· Broadside Demi Bold Italic
· Broadside Bold
· Broadside Bold Italic
· Broadside Heavy
· Broadside Heavy Italic
· Broadside Condensed Thin
· Broadside Condensed Thin Italic
· Broadside Condensed Extra Light
· Broadside Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Broadside Condensed Light
· Broadside Condensed Light Italic
· Broadside Condensed Medium
· Broadside Condensed Medium Italic
· Broadside Condensed Demi Bold
· Broadside Condensed Demi Bold Italic
· Broadside Condensed Bold
· Broadside Condensed Bold Italic
· Broadside Condensed Heavy
· Broadside Condensed Heavy Italic
· Broadside Extended Thin
· Broadside Extended Thin Italic
· Broadside Extended Extra Light
· Broadside Extended Extra Light Italic
· Broadside Extended Light
· Broadside Extended Light Italic
· Broadside Extended Medium
· Broadside Extended Medium Italic
· Broadside Extended Demi Bold
· Broadside Extended Demi Bold Italic
· Broadside Extended Bold
· Broadside Extended Bold Italic
· Broadside Extended Heavy
· Broadside Extended Heavy Italic

Broadside Font Preview
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