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Brother 1816 Font

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Brother 1816Designers: Fernando Díaz, Ignacio Corbo
Publisher: TipoType
Bro 1816 was designed by Fernando Díaz, Ignacio Corbo and published by TipoType. Brother 1816 contains 32 designs and household bundle options. The font style is currently # 44 in Best Sellers. p > This year we honor the 200th anniversary of the very first sans-serif typeface. and what better way to celebrate, than to develop our own sans-serif!

Brother 1816 is a really flexible, multifaceted and solid typeface, mixing Geometric shapes with Humanistic strokes at the very same time. You can pick in between a pure geometric or humanistic style, and even blend the +20 alternate characters to develop the feeling that you need for your projects. Its humanistic nature makes it simple to read, readable in small sizes; ideal for branding, editorial and signage.

Its geometric nature works for larger applications in requirement of more character, like branding, headings, posters, and so on. This makes Bro an outstanding tool for an extraordinary broad variety of uses. It has a total of 32 font styles, which are divided into 2 groups: regular (16 weights) & & printed (16 weights). Each weight has +460 characters, +20 alternates, angular and straight edges, swashes, fractions, ordinals and a lot more ... Sibling has likewise been specially designed for web (utilizing hinting directions), making it operate in little and big sizes on different kinds of screen resolutions.

Font Family:
· Brother 1816 Thin
· Brother 1816 Thin Italic
· Brother 1816 Light
· Brother 1816 Light Italic
· Brother 1816 Book
· Brother 1816 Book Italic
· Brother 1816 Regular
· Brother 1816 Regular Italic
· Brother 1816 Medium
· Brother 1816 Medium Italic
· Brother 1816 Bold
· Brother 1816 Bold Italic
· Brother 1816 Extra Bold
· Brother 1816 Extra Bold Italic
· Brother 1816 Black
· Brother 1816 Black Italic
· Brother 1816 Printed Thin
· Brother 1816 Printed Thin Italic
· Brother 1816 Printed Light
· Brother 1816 Printed Light Italic
· Brother 1816 Printed Book
· Brother 1816 Printed Book Italic
· Brother 1816 Printed Regular
· Brother 1816 Printed Regular Italic
· Brother 1816 Printed Medium
· Brother 1816 Printed Medium Italic
· Brother 1816 Printed Bold
· Brother 1816 Printed Bold Italic
· Brother 1816 Printed Extra Bold
· Brother 1816 Printed Extra Bold Italic
· Brother 1816 Printed Black
· Brother 1816 Printed Black Italic

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