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Brotherhood Font

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BrotherhoodDesigner: Muhammad Ridha Agusni
Publisher: 38-lineart
Brotherhood was designed by Muhammad Ridha Agusni and released by 38-lineart. Brotherhood consists of 1 design. p >

The present pattern is social networks, relationship connection applications and personal web portfolios. This media is used to tell about existence, many people like to submit images on social networks networks, even for personal web portfolios, often individuals choose to see the side of everyday activities instead of items which are offered.

Photos are visual reactions, and there are many stories that can be told from a picture. However it will look more intriguing if it is added with captions. The very appropriate caption is a text in handwriting. This is what inspired us to develop attractive handwriting for social networks and networking.

We started to do a little research study to see the patterns of this kind of font. Here are a few of our notes;

1. Texts are generally in the type of unwinded, non-connected handwriting.

2. There are several linked glyphs, normally by the letters 'o', 'i' and 'y'. And double letters like'll' and 'tt'. We expect this by making ligature for common texts written concatenated.

3. For individual web portfolio requires, supply affirmation as a particular. So the very first letter is generally in the type of uppercase which is more popular than the lowercase rhythm. Popular but still in proportion.

So this is 'Brotherhood', a handwritten font style that you can utilize for personal brand names, captions and even paragraph writing. Expand your friendship and make your service more carefully to your clients as a 'Brotherhood' with this font.

Font Family: Brotherhood Regular

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